SBC News James King: Flows is hitting the jackpot on voice-activated gamification and engagement

James King: Flows is hitting the jackpot on voice-activated gamification and engagement

It is becoming increasingly difficult to engage new players and retain existing bettors. But one way in which operators can tap into new player bases is through gamification tools such as jackpot tournaments.

James King, CEO of Flows, sheds light on how operators can leverage Flows’ latest development, ‘Flo,’ to unlock new realms of engagement and retention. He tells us why Flo is a remarkable voice-activated technology poised to revolutionise the way we build new digital products.

Speaking with SBC News, King also walks us through the integration process of jackpots using the Flows platform and the benefits that this can bring with regards to engagement and retention.

SBC: In your view, what makes a successful jackpot and tournament campaign for an operator?  

JK: A successful jackpot and tournament campaign for an operator needs to be easy to deploy and flexible in its use and ease of change (whether it’s amounts, times, games etc). Here it’s important to set clear objectives to guide the campaign’s design, timing and execution. By leveraging Flows Jackpots (which sits alongside our no-code Flows engine as a standalone template), operators can create tailored experiences for players across their content portfolio and brands. 

Engaging gameplay mechanics, such as innovative tournament formats and unique jackpot triggers, keeps players excited and motivated throughout the campaign, which overall helps you to retain players and keep ahead of the competition.

Automating your processes with technology such as Flows ensures timely and tailored delivery that maintains player engagement as well as your team’s ability to quickly deploy and edit in real time. With Flows, operators can create successful campaigns that drive player engagement, revenue growth, and brand loyalty.

SBC: What role can tools such as jackpots, tournaments, missions and achievements play in not only engaging players but also retaining existing customers? 

JK: Jackpots, tournaments, missions, play a vital role in both engaging players and retaining existing customers and ultimately improving the bottom line for an operator. By leveraging our no-code automation platform, operators can build and implement highly tailored products like jackpots, tournaments, missions etc in real-time, tailoring the on site experience to each player. 

These products enhance engagement by delivering an element of gamification into the experience with relevant content, rewards, missions and challenges that resonate with the player’s. The more you gamify the more you retain, as players are wanting to achieve new levels or statuses and are then “brought” in and loyal to the operator.  

SBC: And how important is it that such features are both localised and personalised to the player? How does this ultimately enable a gambling company to stand out from the competition?

JK: Adding localisation and personalisation features to any part of your operation to stand out if not just stay abreast with the competition. By localising gamification features, operators can provide an experience that resonates with players on a deeper level, fostering a stronger connection and sense of belonging. 

By adapting features to cater to local preferences and tailoring experiences to each player, operators can create a unique, engaging, and memorable journey. This level of personalisation enhances player engagement and satisfaction, drives customer loyalty, sets the company apart, and establishes a strong position in the highly competitive iGaming market. 

Being able to offer these types of features also demonstrates that the operator truly understands and values its players. It showcases a commitment to delivering an exceptional experience that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. This level of attention to detail and customer-centric approach not only attracts new players but also retains existing customers who appreciate the tailored and authentic experience provided.

SBC: How is Flows’ enabling operators to alleviate the challenges associated with integrating a jackpot / tournament offering via its no code platform?

JK: Flows, with its latest voice-activated development, Flo, is empowering operators to tackle the challenges associated with integrating jackpot and tournament offerings through its innovative no-code platform. Flo is set to revolutionise the digital product development landscape by leveraging the power of voice.

Overall, Flows enables operators to overcome the often complex challenges associated with integrating, setting up and then running a jackpot/tournament. With Flows operators can customise their jackpot/tournament functionality using intuitive visual tools, tailoring the rules, triggers, rewards, etc based on the insights the operator is collecting and orchestrate these with any integration and 3rd party they choose. 

By harnessing the power of Flo, operators can streamline their operations. Whether it’s managing winner selection, prize distribution, leaderboard updates, or player communication, with Flows it’s all possible. On top of this, a jackpot or tournament etc are just one part of what Flows can offer an operator within each fixed fee package. So for as little as 3k a month an operator can have Flows jackpots, tournaments, Flows detecting bonus abuse through to supporting regulatory requirements and RG Flows with no additional cost hit like rev share. So as well as being incredibly easy to deploy with Flows it’s a very cost effective solution as well. 

Flo, at the intersection of voice technology, automation elegance, and sophisticated AI language models, heralds a new era in software creation. From simple alerting features to the most complex omni-channel multi-game jackpots, Flo brings the power of voice to the forefront. When operators engage with Flo, their words come to life as Flo responds with remarkable products. transforming the way they build new digital products, unlocking unparalleled efficiency and sophistication in the process.

SBC: What role can automation play in enhancing the overall jackpot process?  

JK: Automation elevates the entire jackpot process. It brings efficiency, accuracy, and transparency while enabling operators to provide a personalised and engaging experience for their players. By automating the jackpot process, operators can eliminate manual tasks and reduce the risk of errors. 

Flows enables operators to automate the selection of winners, calculation of payouts, and distribution of rewards, ensuring accuracy and fairness in the process. This saves time and resources, allowing operators to focus on delivering an exceptional player experience.

SBC: What trends do you envisage us seeing across the gaming industry when it comes to engagement, retention and gamification?

JK: As the gaming industry continues to evolve, there are several trends that I see shaping the landscape of engagement, retention, and gamification. At Flows, our no-code automation platform is designed to adapt to these trends and empower operators to stay ahead of the curve.:

AI-Powered Solutions

AI will play a significant role in enhancing engagement, retention, and gamification. AI-powered recommendation systems, chatbots, and dynamic content generation such as Chat GPT will create more interactive experiences. Automation platforms like Flows can integrate AI capabilities to deliver game changing intelligent and personalised experiences at scale such as our latest voice-activated development, Flo. 

When you speak to Flo, Flo responds with products. Our new solution is where the power of voice, the elegance of automation, and the sophistication of intelligent Ai language models intersect, heralding a new era in software creation.

Social Interaction

I think that Social interaction and community building will become increasingly important. Operators will need to incorporate features that allow players to connect, compete, and collaborate with friends and fellow players if they want to retain their players. And this is where automated communication tools will come heavily into play to facilitate social interactions, boosting player engagement and fostering a sense of belonging.


The demand for personalised experiences will continue to rise. Players expect tailored content, rewards, and challenges that align with their preferences and playing patterns. I believe that more and more operators will start to leverage automation to deliver hyper-personalised experiences.

Real-time gamification

Real-time gamification elements will play a vital role in captivating players. By integrating dynamic challenges, achievements, and leaderboards, operators can create a sense of excitement and competition. Automation enables the instant tracking of progress and updates, enhancing player engagement and satisfaction.

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