SBC News Tally to power up Ambev football partnerships ahead of Brazil’s sports disruption

Tally to power up Ambev football partnerships ahead of Brazil’s sports disruption

Sports engagement platform Tally Technology  ( has been appointed by Ambev, the Brazilian subsidiary of multinational brewery AB InBev, to develop new football-based games and fan experiences for Brazil Serie A teams Atlético Mineiro and Cruzeiro Esporte Clube.

The agreement follows a successful test period, in which leading sports sponsor Ambev successfully utilized Tally’s ‘prediction games’ to engage with fans during the Minas Gerais state championship final between reigning Campeonato Brasileiro Série A champions Atlético and Cruzeiro. 

Tally’s relationship with Ambev began when it was chosen as a winner of the ‘Golaço Challenge’ for start-ups in November 2021, impressing competition judges with its continuous fan engagement platform.

Ambev, the brewery of Brazil’s most popular beer Brahma, brewed in Belo Horizonte seeks to create bespoke free-to-play (FTP) and digital experiences for football fans of its home state of Minas Gerais. 

Barbara Mundin, at Ambev, said: “As sponsors of Brazil’s premier sporting events, we are always looking for new ways to build relationships with the country’s hugely engaged, passionate fan communities. 

“Ever since winning the Golaço Challenge, Tally Technology has impressed with its continuous fan engagement platform, which has delivered both a fun, easy-to-play predictions game for supporters and highly valuable data-led insights for our brand.”

Founded in 2018, California-based Tally seeks to converge data from pro-sport teams, sponsors, media and leagues to develop best-in-class prediction and FTP games and to further bolster the development of its turnkey fan engagement platform.

To date, Tally has recorded over 20m fan predictions for US sports, becoming the fan engagement platform for the pro-teams of the LA Rams, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, LA Lakers and Atlanta Hawks.

Of distinction, the venture is co-founded by NFL Superbowl champion Russell Wilson, the current quarterback of the Denver Broncos. 

Tally strikes its partnership with Ambev, ahead of Brazil’s launch of a federal sports betting regime that will disrupt South America’s biggest sports market across all disciplines – sponsorship, media, advertising and marketing. 

 “Brazilian fans are well-known for their devotion to sports and in signing this deal with a brand on the scale of Ambev, it allows us to serve a large, highly committed, and energetic community,” said Tally Chief Executive Brad Vettese.

“Ambev has shown great faith in us since we started working with them and it’s gratifying to serve them with a unique fan engagement environment and a powerful data tool over the coming years. It’s a partnership that we see as going from strength to strength.”


SBC News Tally to power up Ambev football partnerships ahead of Brazil’s sports disruption 

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