Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers

For today’s punters, being able to access betting data at the touch of a button forms such an important role in maintaining engagement and retention with punters.

Björn Nilsson, Co-Founder at Triggy, spoke to SBC News about why its live score messaging and personalised betting suggestions can play such a pivotal role in engaging punters.

SBC: Firstly, can you tell SBC readers a little bit about Triggy?

BN: Triggy was founded three years ago by Daniel Svenson, Stefan Thunberg and myself. We sought to find a smart way to engage punters and drive turnover with data-driven products.

Through working with Sportradar, as part of their start-up accelerator ‘Acceleradar’, we got all the data we needed to refine our offering. A little over a year ago, we went live with our first customer,, with the betting focused live score app “SB Live”.

Sportsbet uses ‘SB Live’ to acquire new players and engage existing ones. They have had more than a lot of downloads of the native apps that are available in nine languages on Google Play and App Store in virtually every country.

We now have 15 employees at Triggy and we work from our office in Stockholm to build better, wider and deeper products for the betting industry.

SBC: Why are these pre-set betting triggers in tandem with live score data so powerful for engagement?

BN: Most live score apps out there are 3rd party affiliate type products that push punters to one sportsbook today and another one tomorrow. Those products are great tools for fans to engage with sports data, follow their teams and to increase the value of watching games on TV.

Our products are built for punters more so than for fans. As a user of our apps, you will get NextBets – three contextually based betting suggestions – with every notification sent. You are then one click away from the operator’s betslip.

However, as a punter you can also set your own triggers i.e. ‘send me a notification when Liverpool is 1-0 up, there is less than 30 minutes left in the game and the odds for Liverpool to win is 1.15 or better’. When you receive a notification that your triggers are true, then you know that something that you have chosen to listen to is true and placing a bet will take 10-15 seconds.

We are integrated with our customers odds and event API’s to always push the right prices as a component in our products. Combining odds with other events is a unique feature that we and our customers believe strongly in.

SBC: How has the service been received by key clients including, LeoVegas and Pinnacle?

BN: SB Live, LeoAlerts and Pinnacle Live Soccer Scores have all been received well albeit it is early days, at least for Pinnacle Live Soccer Scores. As an example, SB Live was elevated to the #1 position in the Sports category in Google Play in Greece; it was top 10 in several countries in Europe as well as Brazil with just a small marketing push. Google Play and Appstore have been overlooked as marketing outlets for sports betting companies and we provide a new channel there for any operator.

Covid-19 hit just after we rebuilt the products in React Native (for tracking purposes). We are now working with our clients to plan for a very exciting fall season!

SBC: Have you made any tweaks based on what you’ve learned so far?

BN: Absolutely! As mentioned above, we have rebuilt the native product in React Native to provide for full tracking. That was really necessary.

Secondly, we have prepared the product for multiple sports. American football will be available for the start of the NFL season. We are also working on an integrated solution and are already talking to several potential customers.

SBC: For today’s punters, data forms such an important role. Are deep layers of data now essential for player engagement and retention?

BN: Data is available in abundance. For players to make educated decisions on the fly, the key is to be able to deliver relevant, digestible data. Doing that requires intelligent filtering and that is just what we offer through our products. That said – yes, I believe that deep layers of data are and will be increasingly essential for player engagement and retention if filtered correctly.

SBC: And finally, we understand you are looking at opportunities in the US. How will your offering differ from that in Europe?

BN: Yes, that is correct. Our US product offering will feature American football first, adding basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer to the mix as we go. We will offer both standalone native apps as well as integrated solutions with American odds format pre-set. Engagement is key in the US market and Triggy will be an element to enhance product engagement for operators.

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