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Triggy boosts engagement with LeoAlerts American football addition

Triggy boosts US engagement with LeoAlerts American football addition

Triggy has strengthened its US market offering with the addition of American football to the LeoAlerts live score app from LeoVegas. Lauded by Triggy as a ‘milestone’ for the company, it will allow LeoAlerts users to get personalised push notifications and ‘NextBets’ for their favoured games and teams. NextBets comes with a ‘Trigger’ functionality where you can set alerts for …

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Triggy links with Pinnacle to launch live score app

Triggy AB has teamed up with Pinnacle to launch a new branded live score app for the operator which will help drive both customer acquisition and retention. Through the ‘Pinnacle Live Soccer Scores’ app, players will be able to follow games and teams to get personalised, relevant push notifications. Björn Nilsson, co-founder at Triggy AB, commented: “The release of ‘Pinnacle …

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Time for growth: Triggy’s new CEO, data and the US market

SBC sat down with Triggy’s new CEO Martina Åkerlund and co-founder Björn Nilsson to discuss what the future holds for Åkerlund in her new role, as well as how her previous experience in the banking industry will influence her leadership especially when Triggy is expanding and entering the US market. SBC: Firstly, congratulations on the new role! Why did you …

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Martina Åkerlund to lead Triggy as new CEO

Triggy AB has strengthened its senior leadership team after confirming that Martina Åkerlund will lead the company as its new CEO. Confirming Åkerlund’s appointment, Triggy lauded her wealth of experience in leadership positions, having amassed more than 20 years of leadership experience from predominantly the banking and finance industries. Celebrating the new appointment, Åkerlund said: “I’m super excited to have …

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Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers

For today’s punters, being able to access betting data at the touch of a button forms such an important role in maintaining engagement and retention with punters. Björn Nilsson, Co-Founder at Triggy, spoke to SBC News about why its live score messaging and personalised betting suggestions can play such a pivotal role in engaging punters. SBC: Firstly, can you tell …

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Triggy’s Björn Nilsson – “Localisation is nothing, personalisation is everything”

Swish - Copyright: yuran-78 / 123RF Stock Photo

In a global environment where instant is everything, many organisations on a global basis are striving to gain a march on the competition with the latest innovation or tool etc, with ‘personalisation’ becoming an increasingly utilised buzzword. One such example is Triggy, who after struggling with outsourced development of its TriggySport app, brought it in-house, re-worked and subsequently rolled-out very recently. …

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