SBC News Xtremepush: Helping kwiff elevate its communications to the next level -

Xtremepush: Helping kwiff elevate its communications to the next level –

Joanna Beaton, Head of CRM at sports and casino betting app kwiff, shares her experience of working with customer engagement platform provider Xtremepush on taking its communications strategy to a whole new level.

When sports and casino betting app kwiff embarked on the search for a partner to help facilitate change in its segmentation, automation and reporting capabilities, it had some firm criteria in mind. The aim was to collaborate with a provider that would be more in line with its future plans and, vitally, able to develop in tandem with the firm in its pursuit of maximising customer engagement.

SBC News Xtremepush: Helping kwiff elevate its communications to the next level -
Joanna Beaton – Kwiff

Joanna Beaton, Head of CRM at kwiff, believes that the partnership with Xtremepush has indeed helped the company align its communications platform with its business needs. As a result it has executed on its new strategy, resulting in increasing customer retention and a doubling of its user numbers.

After assessing several providers, according to Beaton, Xtremepush emerged as the optimal platform for kwiff. She explained: “Xtremepush offered us full control over our data with all the flexibility we needed. The bonus tool integration was also possible, as Xtremepush provides a custom solution for each client.”

The decision to choose Xtremepush was also fueled by kwiff’s desire for what Beaton described as a “real partnership”. “We sought a partner that would adapt and grow with us in this fast-changing industry landscape,” she said. “We saw Xtremepush could meet our present needs while anticipating future ones. The onboarding with Xtremepush was smooth. Their team was always by our side.” 

Soon after, Xtremepush became an integral part of the CRM team’s daily workflow. The top three features it uses, said Beaton, comprise automation, segmentation, and reporting.

The platform provider was tasked with addressing a twofold challenge from kwiff’s CRM team, which wanted more flexibility and control over its own data and the ability to integrate its proprietary internal bonus payout tool with an external communication platform.

On the first challenge, Beaton noted: “During this rapid growth phase, we needed a provider who’d have the flexibility to change things as our product developed,” while on the integration aspect, she added that previously “technical issues and roadblocks impeded any progress on such an integration”. 

Xtremepush, she explained, allowed the team to automate messages for its own users, something that had proved a challenge for some time. “Manual tasks used to take up 100% of our daily work,” she said. “With Xtremepush, we’re going to halve this. That’s a massive time saving, and it’s going to allow us to do so much more for our customers.”

Thanks to the bonus tool integration, the team can now automate whole user lifecycles. Beaton noted: “We can create journeys where players match up with their rewards automatically. It’s more efficient than doing it manually. This is absolutely key, as we were missing out on prime engagement times.”

Removal of manual work isn’t the only benefit according to Beaton, who believes that the bonus tool integration is now also adding to the user experience. “These automations will allow for better reporting, better campaigns, and better player experiences,” she claimed. “That‌ will help us increase conversion and drive up revenue.”

Expanding on the pluses of working with Xtremepush, Beaton commented: “Xtremepush is very user-friendly and intuitive. Because of its ease of use, the platform allows our team to create and segment campaigns and find the right insights to make better decisions. A big strength of Xtremepush is that you can customise the reports exactly to what you need. The reports are robust and so easy to understand. They are invaluable to us.”

Beaton also acknowledged the platform’s role in helping kwiff’s CRM team solve some key challenges, including gaining more control over its data and successfully integrating its bonus tools into the platform. She said: “With Xtremepush, we have more flexibility than we did before. We wanted to use a hybrid of third-party tools and our own proprietary technology tools. Xtremepush have helped us maximise that potential.”

She added that by partnering with Xtremepush, kwiff has been able to align communications with its business needs. “Xtremepush helped us deliver on our goal of increasing customer retention, as all our communication goes through the platform. We’re sending out more campaigns than ever, and at a higher cadence. It empowered us to execute on our new strategy, which almost doubled our number of players since last year.”

Beaton also believes that significant cost savings were made, thanks to the price of the platform. Additionally, kwiff can use the time saved on automation to work on data analysis, testing and optimising.

She concluded: “I’d like to thank the Xtremepush teams for all their support over the last few months. I’ve worked with many providers and the journey with Xtremepush has been among the smoothest, with the outcome being one of the best. We’re very grateful and excited about what else our partnership will bring.”

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