Ed Clark, Soft2Bet

Ed Clark, Soft2Bet: going above and beyond the ‘normal’ sportsbook proposition

Ed Clark was appointed as Soft2Bet’s new Head of Sportsbook last month. In his new role there are three main focus areas: localisation, flexibility and customer behaviour. By zeroing in on these key themes, Soft2Bet says it can create a very “compelling proposition” for its partners.

Speaking with SBC News, Clark reflects on his new position and his goals for the future of Soft2Bet’s sportsbook product, highlighting new markets and opportunities for “genuine innovation”.

SBC: Congratulations on your new role! What would you say are your key goals as Soft2Bet’s Head of Sportsbook?

EC: Thanks, I’m delighted to be here. Improved localisation is a key theme – as we continue to expand into new markets, it’s vital that our sportsbook offering, and CRM activities are tailored and specific to those individual countries. 

We are also going to increase our focus on data – we have a big database of customers with a goldmine of information. Effectively analysing this will shape our product roadmap, help develop our player journeys and influence our pricing strategy. 

SBC: You’ve joined Soft2Bet at a pretty important time, with the Qatar World Cup underway. What would you say makes Soft2Bet the ‘go-to’ solutions provider for sports betting operators looking to expand their reach to new audiences?

EC: The flexibility of our offering and speed to market are massive selling points – there is a really strong focus on our partners and making sure the solution is tailored to their needs. 

For the World Cup, for example, we have a dedicated standalone section with game previews, daily offers, leaderboards and gamification. Combining these differentiators with a solid sportsbook offering is a compelling proposition.

SBC: How will your experience on the operator side help shape your strategy at Soft2Bet? 

EC: As mentioned, there is going to be a strong focus on promoting customer behaviour that will increase value and deliver long-term sustainable growth. Enablers will be smart product improvements, strategic third-party partnerships and optimised customer segmentation. 

SBC: What would you say are the biggest challenges facing sportsbook solutions providers at the minute? And how do you plan to overcome them in your new role?

EC: If we successfully deliver the initiatives I’ve spoken about, we’ll be in a great position. Competition is fierce and you have to be able to provide differentiators while ensuring you get all of the fundamentals right. Regulation provides an opportunity for genuine innovation and, from what I’ve seen, this is where Soft2Bet is very strong. 

What can we offer on top of the ‘normal’ sportsbook experience to make sure customers keep coming back to us rather than competitors? Getting that balance right is difficult but hopefully we’ll continually improve.

SBC: Among your new responsibilities is developing Soft2Bet’s activities in new markets. Which jurisdictions would you say are highest on the agenda for the next 12 months?

EC: We’re growing nicely in Sweden. We’re live in Ireland and going through the licence application for a few more jurisdictions, which are big opportunities for us. Further out, everyone has their eyes on the US to some extent and we are no exception. That should keep me busy!

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