NBA Counsel calls for a smart rethink of US betting

Dan Spillane

Dan Spillane the General Counsel of the NBA has detailed to the New York Senate on Racing and Gaming, that the NBA believes that the ‘time has come for a different approach’ to sports wagering.

Having studied the subject matter for a number of years, the NBA’s governance seeks to act on the front foot with regards to developing US betting standards and policy.

At present, the Supreme Court is reviewing New Jersey state’s repeal of 1992 PASPA laws. In its court filing New Jersey, argues that PASPA’s mandate is unconstitutional, impeding states to self-govern on gambling services.

Should the nation’s top legal court overturn PASPA, the US will open its doors to licensed sports betting, a reality that the NBA wants to prepared for.

Addressing the New York Senate, Spillane backed NBA Chief Commissioner Adam Silver’s stance that sports betting should be implemented at a federal level.

“We support the passage of a comprehensive sports betting bill that would serve as a model for a 50-state solution — whether that happens in Congress or on a state-by-state basis,”

The NBA’s General Counsel, noted pro-league concerns with regards to increased betting compliances should betting be legalised. Spillane adds that raising costs should be covered by bookmakers taking wagers on pro-league (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) games, proposing a potential 1% tax charge.

“To compensate leagues for the risk and expense created by betting and the commercial value our product creates for betting operators, we believe it is reasonable for operators to pay each league 1 percent of the total amount bet on its games,” Spillane explained.

“This approach draws from how sports betting is legally regulated in some other international jurisdictions, like Australia and France.”

Furthermore, Spillane detailed that the NBA’s governance seeks a comprehensive betting framework, which will serve consumers and stakeholders beyond land-based premises such as casino and racetracks

“If betting were limited to the four land-based casinos that are located miles from New York City or other major population centers in the State, many consumers likely would continue to bet illegally through offshore websites and other illegal channels,”

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