SBC News Will Whitehead: How to truly stand out in the dynamic igaming landscape

Will Whitehead: How to truly stand out in the dynamic igaming landscape

Ahead of ICE London next month, Will Whitehead, Commercial Director at mkodo, underlines the importance of collaborating with front end experts when it comes to elevating the user experience.  

SBC: Let’s talk about the role that operators play in shaping the future of app user experience and how working with front end and UX experts, like mkodo, can help operators to foster environments of innovation and excellence in igaming and sports betting.

Will Whitehead (Commercial Director @ mkodo):  Operators are, of course, instrumental in providing their players with the best user experiences by overseeing the entire user journey, continuously optimising experiences and providing intuitive interfaces. 

Working with a front-end expert, like mkodo, can enhance these efforts. In the design phase interfaces are analysed and enhanced, ensuring they are not only visually appealing but also aligned with best practices for usability across iOS, Android and desktop platforms. 

Collaborating with a front-end expert can also help to streamline deployment processes, maintaining consistent, high-quality user experiences, as well as support the continuous enhancements needed to offer the best user experience.

Partnerships with front-end experts ensure a comprehensive and strategic approach to user experience elements such as design, management, and optimisation functions. This helps to foster an environment of innovation and excellence in app user experience.

SBC: What are some strategies that operators can implement to stay ahead in the competitive igaming landscape? Could you discuss your experience of working with a Canadian-based operator on its app and how you successfully grew its user base tenfold in under one year?

WW: To capitalise on the growing igaming and sports betting markets, it’s important for operators to prioritise native and mobile optimisation – fast loading times and a responsive design add to an enhanced user experience. 

We recently partnered with a Canadian-based lottery operator to support enhancements to the overall user experience of their app. We worked with them on a number of elements, including the refinement of their payments feature. These updates to the app saw them experience a tenfold increase in their user base, from 10,000 to over 100,000 in less than a year. 

To truly stand out in the dynamic igaming landscape, be bold. Looking at successful companies in other industries, like Amazon or Netflix, for example, can be great inspiration. Being proactive and innovative positions operators uniquely, ensuring they not only adapt to industry changes but also lead in shaping the future of gaming experiences.

User feedback is clearly a vital ingredient in engaging customers and making their experience better. What should operators be doing to maximise the usefulness of that feedback? 

WW: Feedback and user data is crucial, research by the International Gaming Institute underscores the impact, showing a 27% boost in player engagement and a 14% increase in customer retention when operators effectively leverage player data.

Establishing a feedback strategy is essential. This involves gathering insights from users through various channels, including in-app surveys, plug-ins, reviews, and social media. This feedback can then be used to guide app or website updates, improvements and optimisations. Regularly collective user feedback not only keeps the app in tune with expectations but also contributes to a positive user experience. Users appreciate seeing their feedback being acknowledged and addressed.

As an example of how successful asking for feedback can be, mkodo suggested the implementation of the native ‘Rate Us’ feature to one of our Canadian-based operators. This pop-up style feature prompts users at a positive moment in their user journey. Just two weeks after the implementation the app saw their App Store rating go from 3.5* to 4.7* on iOS and Android.

SBC: What can the igaming industry learn from the likes of Amazon and Netflix when it comes to advancing the user experience and what part can mkodo play in the process?

WW: The likes of Amazon and Netflix are leading the innovation and user experience charge by prioritising personalisation, seamless user journeys, and predictive analytics to anticipate their users interests and preferences.

Operators should consider how platforms like Amazon or Netflix enhance their user experiences: 

  • Personalised homepages 
  • Timed messages 
  • Tailored recommendations 
  • Personalised offers and promotions 

For example, operators can leverage player data to offer timed and tailored game recommendations, promotions, and in-game events, enhancing and personalising the overall experience. 

It’s about quality over quantity and incorporating advanced recommendation algorithms, intuitive interfaces, and a focus on customer satisfaction can elevate the user experience.

And finally, can you give us a rundown of what mkodo has planned for this year’s ICE London?

WW: We’re excited to be back at ICE again this year. We’ve got an even bigger stand S4-401 and we’ve teamed up with Pollard Banknote, which is a first for us. As with last year, our emphasis remains on showcasing our geolocation verification service, GeoLocs, along with our front-end expertise, mobile app, and website offerings. We’re looking forward to engaging with new and familiar faces in the industry and sharing our insight into the latest trends in igaming.


Will Whitehead, Commercial Director at mkodo

SBC News Will Whitehead: How to truly stand out in the dynamic igaming landscape

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