SBC News BETER Sports goes big with National Table Tennis Tournaments

BETER Sports goes big with National Table Tennis Tournaments

Sports betting operators are constantly looking to add thrilling live content to their offerings, and BETER, the industry-leading provider of next-gen content and data, has emerged as a must-have supplier in this regard.

BETER Sports has a majority of fast-paced disciplines in its portfolio, including Setka Cup table tennis tournaments, BSKT CUP basketball league alongside “Ping Pong Point” tournaments. Recently it launched an unrivaled table tennis offering – National Table Tennis Tournaments, which are run in collaboration with national federations around the world.

Operators that partner with BETER Sports can access live streaming, live data and odds across all of the National Table Tennis Tournaments it runs, which in turn allows them to provide a compelling bettor experience.

BETER Sports launched its first National Table Tennis product back in February for the Master Cup tournaments taking place in India.

Since then, it has added more tournaments and federations, including tournaments from the National Federation of Colombia (the National Championships, Colombia TOP National Championship and National Open Cup), Egypt TOP-16, and Belgrade Cup alongside the upcoming Super League from the Table Tennis Association of Serbia.

This has seen the provider become something of a table tennis specialist, helping to shape and grow the sport through offering live betting content to its operator partners and their players which has driven interest in table tennis.

Arsenii Salai, BETER Sports Head of Strategic, says: “By striking official partnerships with federations, we can work closely and openly with each organiser to ensure we deliver the most profitable product and experience to our partners.

“This includes being able to communicate directly with organisers and also to maintain the integrity of video streaming and stats gathering.

“Ultimately, this helps when it comes to ensuring the quality of the stream, that matches are played to a high standard, that integrity is enforced and that the league, championship or tournament can grow.

“Through our National Table Tennis Tournaments offering, bettors have become more interested in the sport and this is something we are incredibly proud of.”

BETER’s first foray into table tennis was through its incredibly popular proprietary Setka Cup brand, but due to its team’s 25 years of experience in table tennis and more than five years spent organising tournaments, the provider took the decision to build out its offering further.

“Our team has a deep understanding of all aspects of the sport across almost every national championship in the world,” Salai added.

“The main objective of launching our National Table Tennis offering was to bring more content to our customers and also more high-quality content per unit of time. We really want to keep growing our offering and the sport of table tennis, and this was a great way to achieve this.

“Other benefits include having more content to fill available time slots, extending our geographical reach, appealing to a wider audience with different interests and further establishing BETER as a top-tier table tennis organiser that can support any federation.”

With so many table tennis federations out there, BETER has come up with a set of criteria to ensure that it only works with the best of the best. Some of the key requirements it considers include:

It must be a responsible organiser that consists of a team of people who are passionate about what they do and what they are responsible for.

It must also have low levels or preferably no fraud. To ensure this, BETER scrupulously checks tournament organisers and competitors to ensure they abide by the principles of fair play. It also looks at what procedures are in place when it comes to fraud prevention, and the tools being used by the organiser.

Carlos Andrés Figueroa, President of Colombian Table Tennis Federation, South America Regional Vice President of ITTF Americas, noted: “We are happy and grateful because it is a great opportunity to show our sport and our country, as well as the commitment, talent, and honor of our athletes. We really hope that we can work together with BETER for a long time and contribute to the growth of Colombian table tennis.”

SBC News BETER Sports goes big with National Table Tennis Tournaments

Dmytro Pysar, BETER Sports Project Manager, said: “We then work hand in hand with the organiser across all aspects of the tournament to ensure that our high standards are being met.

“This allows us to produce content that aligns with our rules and those of the International Table Tennis Federations including participants being 18+ and delivering video streams and data feeds that are stable and of the highest quality.”

When it comes to why BETER Sports has partnered with national federations as opposed to local leagues, Arsenii has this to say:

“We have taken this approach for two reasons. The first is that there is a large number of fantastic tournaments out there that feature the best competitors in the world, and we want the players at our operator partners to be able to engage with this action and bet on it.

“Secondly, there isn’t much table tennis content out there in the world of betting at the moment, so we wanted to fill this gap with the very best tournaments out there and these take place at an international level, not a local level.

“We also help national federations to organise their tournaments so that we can also tailor them to the needs of sportsbook operators and their bettors. That’s why we are so strict on fair play and integrity as bettors need to be confident on both counts in order to engage with this content.”

Eoin Ryan, Director of Sportsbook at BVGroup, said: “We are delighted to work with BETER Sports, which has a comprehensive approach to the table tennis discipline. By collaborating with national table tennis federations and upholding strict standards of fair play and integrity within all games, they have filled a gap in the betting world with prominent international tournaments, offering additional engagement opportunities for our bettors. This content not only captivates our bettors but also expands our geographical reach and provides a significant variety of matches to place bets on.”

On the subject of standards and integrity, BETER Sports recently produced a dedicated document for its offering – something that Pysar explained is “vital for table tennis events” and that will be updated regularly to keep pace with ever-changing standards.

He added: “Standardising processes have a direct impact on the quality of the content that we offer, and this is why we needed to take an in-depth look into our process to ensure that the content we produce and offer to operators and bettors consistently of the highest possible standard.

“As a result of this process, we now have a comprehensive document that details everything a tournament organiser or client needs to know when launching or running a tournament in addition to outlining processes that ensure both parties work together effectively.”

The document also includes details of the relevant procedures and requirements to avoid organisational mistakes and technical errors. It does this by providing detailed descriptions of planning, launch and operation processes, as well as technical and organisation requirements as well as safety and integrity standards.

“There were several main objectives to developing these standards,” Pysar continued. “We wanted to enhance the efficiency in content organisation and interaction between the organiser and BETER Sports, helping to provide high-quality content to clients.

“We also wanted to mitigate risks through clear rules and procedures that would also avoid errors and unforeseen circumstances. It was also key to simplifying training and the integration of new employees within the company and from the organiser’s side, especially when engaging with the product.

“Ultimately, we wanted to improve the collaboration between our departments as well as BETER Sports and the organiser, and the document does just that.”

Where BETER Sports really stands out is its approach to integrity, with an in-house team dedicated to this area of running tournaments and ensuring fair play at all times.

This team works closely with organisers across all operational areas and also with the sportspeople taking part in each tournament to ensure they are collecting accurate information and data for each match as this data is sent to its operator partners.

This system has proved to be incredibly effective for each organiser and has not been impacted by geographical location or cultural differences.

Marko Jevtovic, General Secretary of the Table Tennis Association of Serbia, added: “I am pleased that Serbian table tennis has the opportunity to collaborate with the BETER. I believe that this symbiosis will positively impact the development and promotion of table tennis in the country.

“From our side, as organizers of the National Championship, Super League, and other tournaments in the annual calendar of the national association, we will exert maximum effort in tournament organization to provide our partner with high-quality content.

“Additionally, we will support the Belgrade Cup with high-level participants, as this tournament presents a great opportunity for professional athletes to maintain their physical performance.”

BETER Sports’ National Table Tennis Tournaments are already taking the market by storm, but what can we expect from the provider over the coming months and how will it continue to enhance its offering? Salai explained we can expect big things.

“Our plan is to partner with more national federations across the world, especially in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

“We are already talking with most of the national federations and there’s plenty of interest in working together – by working with these federations and organisers, we can help to grow the popularity of table tennis among sports fans and bettors, while delivering more top-quality content to our partners and their players than ever before.”

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