Bernard Marantelli, Colossus Bets

BOFCON 2016 – Game Time: Live Betting Products

Tom LightTom Light, Director of International Business Development at SBTech, confirmed that in-play betting is responsible for the large majority of turnover, and that betting around shorter time intervals will continue to be the most popular with players.

He highlighted that players are pushing for quicker payment from won bets, and looking to make longer term bets into short term with the use of cash out and partial cash out features. However, he did express fears over the potential for big money being lost in a short space of time.

Aideen Shortt, Partner Consultant at Random Consulting, also appeared on the #bofcon live betting panel. She spoke about a possible advancement in live betting markets, whereby the operators could collect more personalised data, with a swipe system similar to Tinder.

This would allow the bookmaker to collect more knowledge about each player and provide a more user specific player experience. She also promoted the possible overlay of bet placement on to your TV, particularly for those with a Smart TV.

Bernard Marantelli, CEO and Founder at Colossus Bets, spoke about the importance of the load speed, stating that ‘if the app doesn’t load inside 5 seconds, you will likely choose another’. He predicted that live betting will always be driven by mobile and focused on televised games, and echoed fears over the propensity for high burn in fast betting markets.

Bernard also alluded to BetUP, the innovative new in-play sports betting product from Commologic, which is now live with Unibet. BetUP is seen as an acquisition tool for softer sports fans and is designed to engage players by creating an in-game experience which educates users about live betting.

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