SBC News David Yatom: our Greek licence will take Soft2Bet “to new heights”

David Yatom: our Greek licence will take Soft2Bet “to new heights”

The Greek market has long been one to watch, with many sports betting and casino companies expanding their footprint into this region as of late. Soft2Bet has been no exception.

Entering the market in May, Soft2Bet is already making its mark on the Greek sports betting and casino market – with plans already in place to take its partners’ gaming journey “to unprecedented heights”. 

To discuss this new market entry, General Counsel David Yatom tells us why now is the right time to pursue new opportunities in Greece before touching upon some of the ways Soft2Bet plans to disrupt the market in 2023.

SBC: Congratulations on obtaining your Greek licence! Why has now been the right time to enter the Greek market? 

DY: The Greek market is experiencing consistent and sustainable growth and attracting increasing attention from numerous companies in the thriving igaming industry. S

We have been monitoring the Greek market for some time now and pursued an opportunity to enter Greece. This strategic move not only underscores our potential but also solidifies our position on the European gambling map. 

SBC: Can you tell us what you’ll be bringing to the Greek market? Have certain product verticals taken priority?

DY: Soft2Bet’s licence allows us to operate both a casino and sportsbook. Our extensive portfolio boasts a wide array of game providers and an impressive selection of sports, ensuring an unparalleled experience for our valued customers.

Furthermore, our cutting-edge gamification features, which have already proven immensely popular in other territories and markets, will be seamlessly integrated and made available to Greek players, elevating their gaming journey to unprecedented heights.

We are deeply committed to promoting responsible gambling initiatives, recognizing ou4 paramount importance in the Greek market. As such, we prioritise the well-being of our players and strive to provide a safe and secure environment for their enjoyment.

It is worth noting that there is a high demand among Greek players for top-quality products and exceptional gaming experiences. This is precisely where Soft2bet has the advantage. Our product and player experience are built with no compromises as we aim to deliver only the best to our customers. 

SBC: From your perspective, what were some of the key licensing challenges with entering Greece? Have you had to adapt your offering at all?

DY: The online casino market in Greece is relatively competitive, with both domestic and international operators vying for market share. Some well-known international online casino companies have entered the Greek market, while domestic companies are basically dominating the market. 

The market dynamics are subject to change, and new entrants may emerge as the industry evolves. Of course, companies need to understand what their players want and adapt to the market trends. Greek players tend to enjoy a variety of online casino games, including slots, table games like blackjack and roulette, as well as live dealer games.

Soft2Bet consistently rises to the challenge of adapting our product to meet all regulatory requirements. Our dedicated tech and legal teams diligently undertake thorough checks, ensuring that we pay the utmost attention to compliance with regulations. 

This ongoing commitment to regulatory compliance has been a significant challenge that Soft2Bet has successfully navigated, demonstrating our ability to effectively address and overcome industry obstacles.

SBC: What can you tell us about your plans for Sweden? 

DY: We would like to continue working and progressing with our B2C brand as well as launching more brands in future, for Swedish players. Having recently obtained our B2B licence in Sweden, we are definitely seeking to share our expertise and to help our partners launch their brand in the Swedish market.

SBC: With two new licences under your belt already for this year, can we expect Soft2Bet to expand its global presence even further this year? 

DY: Indeed, Soft2Bet remains steadfast in its unwavering commitment to execute its original strategy of expanding its footprint in regulated European markets. By diligently pursuing this strategic approach, the company not only ensures continuous growth but also strengthens its dominant position within the industry. 

Soft2Bet is currently pending licence in additional jurisdictions and will continue its efforts to expand to even further regulated markets as a B2C provider but also as a platform and games (B2B) provider. 

Our relentless drive to enter new regulated markets exemplifies our forward-thinking mindset and ambition. By strategically establishing a presence in these markets, the company opens up avenues for increased revenue streams and heightened brand recognition. Moreover, expanding into regulated European markets allows Soft2Bet to tap into a diverse customer base and cater to the evolving preferences and demands of discerning players.

This expansion strategy also serves as a testament to Soft2Bet’s adaptability and ability to navigate complex regulatory frameworks. The company’s expertise in navigating these markets positions it as a trusted and compliant operator, fostering strong partnerships with regulatory bodies and ensuring a seamless and secure gaming experience for customers.

By leveraging its extensive industry knowledge, innovative technologies, and deep understanding of local markets, Soft2Bet is poised to excel in its expansion efforts. The company’s unwavering determination to solidify its commanding position in the industry ensures a bright future as it continues to deliver exceptional gaming experiences to players across regulated European markets.

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