SBC News Igor Kaufman, GR8 Tech: iFrame product value is a significant differentiator

Igor Kaufman, GR8 Tech: iFrame product value is a significant differentiator

Differentiation and personalisation. A pair of concepts that the industry is more than all too familiar with, but which will retain a central focus as solutions providers constantly jockey to enable clients to rise head and shoulders above the competition in an increasingly tightly packed field.

To achieve this vision, GR8 Tech has introduced its iFrame product, which aims to take its business partners to the next level through inherent ease of use, extensive customization options, and a robust suite of features that deliver immediate value while promising exciting future enhancements.

Delving into a range of topics in conversation with SBC News, Igor Kaufman, Head of the Sport Business Unit, began by looking at how the product differs from, and perhaps exceeds, others that are available on the market.

Flexibility: the great differentiator

Kaufman begins by touching upon a range of “robust features and extensive content” that iFrame opens up within the company’s sportsbook offerings.

This, he says, promises to deliver a comprehensive betting experience right out of the box that comprises a rich array of betting markets and options.

Standout components include margin, limit, and latency management tools, which enable fine-tuning per region and user segment, as well as “ramping up turnover and margin.”

In addition, a cashout engine is tasked with increasing player balance turnover velocity to offer operators over two to five percent in GGR via cashout commission, while BetBuilder permits the creation of higher margins than standard single bets and decreases GGR dependency on outcomes of primary markets.

“But it doesn’t end there; the flexibility of our iFrame is a significant differentiator,” he commented. “Created with a mobile-first approach on our proprietary Modulor design system, its user interface is highly adaptive and easily customisable, ensuring that it fits seamlessly within a variety of platforms while maintaining a focus on user engagement and accessibility. 

“This adaptability extends to various branding and styling options, allowing operators to maintain a consistent look and feel across their offerings.”

Leveraging expertise to guide client success

With a primary target set on those platforms and operators that feature multiple sportsbook iFrames, or casino operators striving for significant expansion of its current product, GR8 Tech vows to truly listen to its client base regarding potential enhancements.

Kaufman acknowledges that the product has been “received very well so far,” with one B2B client having already sold its platform with the GR8 Tech iFrame.

“I can confidently say that our product’s value is self-evident here,” he said. “Obviously, the advantages of the GR8 iFrame look promising even in the highly competitive market, which is amazing.”

Despite feedback from partners forming a key component in shaping future developments, Kaufman is keen to stress that the company does boast a substantial degree of expertise in helping traditionally non-sports-based entities maximise the potential of the sports betting scene.

This, it is added, is aided by the crucial fact that those interested in or currently utilising iFrame can be assured that there is a consistent roadmap of planned improvements.

He continued: “Particularly, in the nearest future, we’re focusing on adding bonuses and other CRM functionality directly to the iFrame; further streamlining the integration process, lowering TTM for our clients; improving the navigation within iFrame, including the addition of the search and analytics; and improving the iFrame UX/UI specifically for clients from the Asian region. 

“These are some of the main areas of work, but of course, the pipeline of new developments is not limited to them.” 

Investigating valuable AI possibilities

Despite GR8 Tech representing Kaufman’s first venture in the igaming ecosystem, one core area of focus will look to build upon more than 15 years of experience in tech, with deep expertise most notably gained across AI/ML.

AI tech has become a huge talking point across the industry, with the company’s proprietary personalisation engine representing just one instance where the tech is heavily featured. 

“The GR8 Sportsbook is a product with a long-established market presence, and it’s been using AI technology for personalisation for quite a while now – in a sense, before it became so mainstream,” Kaufman said. 

“Today, we are rightfully proud of the result, both within the sportsbook platform and the GR8 iFrame, which significantly boosts user engagement for our clients.” 

Despite this, the company will not simply be striving for any fresh addition, with a focus firmly placed on driving real value and money for its burgeoning client base. 

“We don’t rest on our laurels and constantly explore new opportunities for AI implementation,” he noted.

“In this light, the majority of our efforts in the AI department are now concentrated on margin personalisation based on user history – something very tangible in the context of the results it brings.” 

Standing tall in a competitive field

The above is a quandary facing many across the industry as competition only heats up further and the difficulty of jockeying for position becomes increasingly intensified. For GR8 Tech, a potential answer could lie in one “absolutely vital area.”

“Customisation isn’t just a feature; it’s necessary for those who aim to differentiate themselves in a crowded market,” Kaufman stated. 

“The more customisation opportunities you provide to the operators, the more they can tailor their offerings to match their brand identity, meet specific market needs, and cater to their unique user base.”

Adding: “For every region, we tailor our platform according to local expectations; for example, in Africa, we delivered a completely new customisable, lightweight UI for people with a slow internet connection. 

“Similarly, we can tailor the design to align perfectly with the essence of the brand, enabling operators to resonate more deeply with their audience and foster brand loyalty and user retention.”

In light of the above, as the conversation drew to a close, attention naturally shifted to plans to scale up the GR8 Tech iFrame during the coming months.

In addition to what has previously been highlighted, Kaufman pointed to winning additional clients and finding more matches between the capabilities of the GR8 iFrame and operators’ business goals as ambitions that will shape the road ahead.

“Whether it will be casinos wanting to add a sportsbook offering or operators integrating multiple sportsbook providers for players to choose from – we have something gr8 to offer with our product,” he concluded.

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