SBC News Indonesia takes additional measures against online gambling

Indonesia takes additional measures against online gambling

Indonesia is ramping up its efforts to stop online gambling in the country with the creation of a new task force. 

All types of gambling in Indonesia are currently illegal for both local residents and foreigners. 

At a meeting in Jakarta hosted by President Joko Widodo, a new special task force created by the government was announced that will implement additional measures against gambling.

The announcement came from the Minister for Communication and Information Technology, Budi Arie Setiadi

“It has been decided that within a week, we will formulate measures to form an integrated task force in order to eradicate online gambling,” Budi said.

“Gambling is an illegal act based on regulations. So, we need to impose measures effectively to settle it.

“Our authority is only to take down the websites, while the Financial Services Authority (OJK) blocks their financial accounts, and then followed by law enforcement officers, police officers, and the public prosecution service officers.”

Budi added that his ministry will focus on handling online gambling websites and contents, while the law enforcement officers will enforce the law.

The task force will promote a cross-institutional approach to tackle online gambling more efficiently, with Budi stating that the Ministry for Communication and Information Technology will aid the overseeing of websites and online content while law enforcement agencies deal with law compliance.

Chairperson of the OJK, Mahendra Siregar, added: “Some online gambling activities are not conducted in Indonesia, some are cross-borders, some do not use bank accounts, some need to be tracked and traced through bank accounts, including transfers and so on. So, the next layers must also be addressed, and that way it leaves no empty rooms.

“So far, we have cooperated closely with the Communications and Information Technology Ministry. So, if we receive a list of bank accounts suspected to be used or are being used in online gambling activities, we immediately block them, and it has reached up to 5,000 bank accounts.”

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