Betsson looks to redefine focus of sportsbook marketing in latest campaign

Betsson looks to redefine focus of sportsbook marketing in latest campaign

Betsson AB has launched a new advertising campaign targeting several markets across its international operations, specifically its established territories in Europe and Latin America.

The ‘A bet makes the difference’ campaign encompasses a series of commercials developed by Betsson’s in-house advertising team, with a focus on the ‘elevating excitement’ of betting rather than big wins.

Stockholm-listed multinational Betsson plans to rollout the adverts in Europe – where it is active in a range of markets such as the Nordics, the UK and Malta, among others – and in Latin America, building on a campaign in the latter which has seen a partnership with Argentina’s Boca Juniors football club.

Jesper Svensson, CEO of Betsson Group, explains: “As we expand our presence across various markets, we have established an in-house international creative hub. I am really excited to unveil our most ambitious commercial yet, solidifying Betsson as the most exciting brand in the industry.”

The commercials have been directed by Rodrigo Saavedra, and as mentioned above focus on the ‘exhilarating experience’ of placing a bet and the enhancement of the sports viewing experience.

In the advert, a man is shown watching a dull football match, with other spectators falling asleep around him, before placing a bet on the Betsson app. 

The game suddenly explodes to life with the customer at the centre of it, after which he is also transported to a tennis game and a David vs. Goliath-inspired basketball contest, with Motley Crue’s ‘Kickstart my Heart’ playing in the background.

Betsson also asserts that the same principle of the sports betting marketing tagline can be applied to casino gaming. The main focus here is on the ‘excitement of the bet as a form of entertainment’ rather than what the firm believes has been a ‘typical focus’ among betting marketers on winning moments

Kay Höök, Global Brand Director, Betsson, added: “While we can’t control the excitement of a match or guarantee wins, we can assure our customers that placing a bet, small or big, will amplify the excitement. 

“While many oter betting companies focus on big, quick wins, our emphasis lies in cherishing the excitement itself and the heightened entertainment that a bet provides.

“Our goal is to enhance the entertainment value and intensify the excitement for our customers. While potential winnings remain a possibility, we don’t want the prospect of winning to define our communication. Our message is that when you gamble responsibly, you will enjoy the excitement even if you don’t win.”

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