Can Dunkirk defy the odds and dethrone Disney’s Box Office dominance?

In recent times, those of us that fawn over an underdog have been spoilt.  Nonetheless, 2017 may just provide us with another equally captivating tale of David defeating Goliath, this time however, not on the football pitch or in the boxing ring, but instead at the box office.

This Friday (21 July) marks the release of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk; whilst it’s being acclaimed by critics everywhere, is it really possible that a film about a gritty World War two battle topples Disney’s current monopoly on the list of the UK’s highest grossing films of 2017?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi would have strengthened Disney’s grip on the top of the list had it come out earlier, but as it’s only released on 13 December, its chances of getting to the top in that brief period appear slender.

Beauty and the Beast is the current pacesetter and even money favourite to retain its place atop of the charts, so outselling the Disney remake would likely mean Dunkirk would remain at the pinnacle of a remarkable list of films.

The last time a factual war film went to the UK box office with high expectations was in 2015, when American Sniper was decimated by Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The challenge for Dunkirk is far less daunting, yet still majorly improbable.

With bookmakers’ currently having Dunkirk priced up at 16/1 to cause a momentous upset and ‘top the 2017 UK Box Office, it’s hard to argue with Betway’s Head of PR Alan Alger, told SBC: “Dunkirk would appear up against it in a strong year.”

Nevertheless, at a time when bookies seem to be frequently misjudging a plucky underdog, it’s increasingly hard to dismiss the sentiment that Dunkirk can dethrone Disney.