SBC News Danuta Janicka-Mierzwa: TVBET is going bigger and better in 2024

Danuta Janicka-Mierzwa: TVBET is going bigger and better in 2024

TVBET's Deputy Head of Sales Danuta Janicka-Mierzwa This year has been filled with a number of big announcements for TVBET. Whether it’s the expansion of the company’s existing product portfolio, the development of new products and even the launch of a new brand identity, Deputy Head of Sales Danuta Janicka-Mierzwa is confident that this year has been one of the best for TVBET.

Reflecting on this year’s biggest milestones, Janicka-Mierzwa sat down with SBC News to give us an update on TVBET’s brand evolution before pinpointing what she believes will be some of the biggest trends to sweep across the igaming industry in 2024.

SBC: Thank you for speaking to SBC! It’s been a very busy year for TVBET. But for you, what has been your biggest highlight from 2023?

DJM: Hello SBC team! Thank you very much for organising this interview. It is very nice to meet you.

To answer your question, there were probably several bright highlights that are worth mentioning. In 2023, we burst into ICE London by introducing four main TVBET verticals. Two of them – TV games and Virtual games – have existed for a long time. But the El Casino and Fast Sport were new in our offering, and we presented them to our dear partners with great pleasure at the exhibition in London.

El Casino is a classic live casino product. As part of this vertical, we have successfully launched the Roulette game, which is already very popular among our partners’ players.

Meanwhile, Fast Sport marks an exciting and entirely new niche for us. This vertical offers partners the integration of local sports games that take from 5 to 45 minutes which means quick matches that have all the advantages of betting on big sports – featuring dynamic odds, extensive betting options, beloved sports, and much more.

Last but not least we started to offer dedicated tables on a bigger scale. With almost 90 developers in-house we are now capable of building any game our partners would wish.

So, the expansion of TVBET’s activities is perhaps the biggest highlight for 2023!

SBC: What would you say have been the biggest challenges that you have faced so far this year? And how has TVBET navigated these hurdles?

DJM: Probably the biggest challenge is our ambitions to grow, haha! Everyone knows that scaling is the biggest challenge for any company and 2023 was the year during which we expanded in many directions. To manage that successfully, one needs to have a plan and be able to react to unexpected changes. Fortunately, we have all that covered. Sometimes the biggest challenge is time. However instead of rushing things we prefer to find time and resources in order to deliver the products of the best quality.

There’s a multitude of new ventures on our horizon: from launching new products and enhancing existing games to updating interfaces. Our plans are grandiose and far-sighted and so is our capacity to manage them correctly.

SBC: Earlier in the year, TVBET announced that it would be commencing with a rebrand. Can you give us an update of how this is going? How will this better reflect TVBET’s position as a leading force within the igaming space?

DJM: Yes, another striking achievement is the rebranding of TVBET! We started it and continue to implement it gradually in all our materials. The most important thing we want to say with rebranding is that we are young, mobile and adaptive! These traits not only define our product but also reflect the essence of our team and our brand as a whole. With our new look, we aim to underline our vibrancy, ambition and our commitment to maintaining these qualities in the future.

Our first step involved revamping the appearance of our exhibition stands, considering the substantial time we dedicated to expos this year. It is at such events that we personally meet our old friends and present our product to our new potential partners. Our social networks have also already been updated. Currently, we’re actively engaged in refining materials for our valued partners, ensuring they align seamlessly with our reinvigorated brand identity.

SBC: In your view, what would you say have been the biggest trends to sweep the gambling industry in 2023? And do you think these trends will continue into 2024?

DJM: In my opinion, one of this year’s standout trends has been the rising popularity of live casinos. These games truly capture the ambiance of a real casino, something players highly appreciate. The live broadcasts, direct interaction with dealers, and straightforward betting system all contribute to the allure of this game segment, making it incredibly attractive to players and providing egalitarianism. Suddenly, games that were previously accessible at luxurious places were offered to regular people. And this phenomenon will continue to grow, especially in developing countries, where the internet becomes more and more accessible.

It also seems to me that crash games deserve special attention. These are quick and simple games in which players bet on how long they can hold on before the “crash,” the point at which the game ends. The games gained popularity, as they gave the players the feeling of controlling the game. So far, there are not many varieties on the market, but I am confident that this trend will persist into the next year, with companies introducing more diverse options to the market.

Last but not least, the main trend is the global legalisation of gambling. Whatever one may say, people love to play casino games and bet on sporting events. Finally, an increasing number of countries are recognising this, leading to the regulation of gambling activities. This not only meets public demand but also creates new job places and injects fresh revenue into state coffers. We anticipate that next year will witness even more countries stepping into the realm of igaming regulation.

SBC: What can we expect to see from TVBET in 2024?

DJM: As I mentioned before, TVBET is at the stage of constant growth. We travel, we gather ideas and inspirations and we have many grandiose plans for 2024, and we have full capacity to implement them.

I don’t want to show all our cards yet, but we will definitely expand, develop and multiply! I will be more than glad to share our achievements in the following interviews 😉

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