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TVBET: Flying the ‘nest’ to find new market opportunities

TVBET: Flying the 'nest' to find new market opportunities

New products, markets and a strong network of local representatives is helping to drive growth for TVBET, according to Head of Sales and Business Development Ewelina Antonakos. Speaking to SBC News, Antonakos began discussions by reflecting on her role at TVBET, disclosing that it was the “numerous professional opportunities” and “unique verticals” that drew her to the company. Since joining …

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Pronet Gaming gains HD lift with TVBET partnership  

Pronet Gaming has significantly amplified the live gaming capacity of its iGaming platform and turnkey software services by partnering with TVBET.  The partnership will see TVBET supply Pronet with 12 new games from its live studio portfolio, made directly available to its new and existing customers.   Moving forward, Pronet’s platform and igaming turnkey solution will benefit from TVBET’s live HD …

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TVBET enters Asia market via Alavara Digital partnership

TVBET has made its entry into the Asian market through a partnership with betting software provider Alavara Digital.  As a result of the agreement, TVBET will provide software services for online and offline betting on a turnkey basis while Alavara’s clients will be able to take advantage of TVBET’s full portfolio of products. This will include the eight games which have …

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How TVBET is capturing attention with its content creation

Generating high-end, modern content is a key component to elevating the customer experience when it comes to live games, explained TVBET, whose representatives wrote the following article for SBC News about its aim for continuous improvement and the creative process behind some of their game mechanics. Currently, live games are growing in popularity among players, with a small number of …

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TVBET passes GLI test for five live games in Malta and Italy

live games

Five live games from TVBET have achieved Gaming Labs International (GLI) certification for the Italian and Maltese markets. The global live TV games supplier confirmed that igaming operators in Italy can now legally integrate the following set of games – 1Bet, 5Bet, 7Bet, WheelBet and Lucky6. However, in Malta the certificate only allows you to work in combination with an …

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Why reliability of service is an integral part of TVBET’s strategy


The golden rule for successful brand development is keeping up with the times and staying ahead of the competition. That’s according to TVBET, whose representatives have written for SBC News about reliability of service and why key to its success is the combo of game mechanics and creating a “sensed-presence effect” for players. It is hard to imagine the future …

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Digitain strengthens live content with TVBET deal

TVBET has agreed to make its portfolio of live games available to Digitain after the two secured a new partnership. Under the agreement, Digitain customers can integrate all of the 11 TVBET streamed products, such as Poker, Keno, Backgammon, 1Bet, WheelBet and other games to its platform. Samvel Mkrtumyan, Head of External Communication for Digitain, said: “Thanks to their great …

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How sports betting operators can attract slot players with TVBET games

Sports betting operators now exist in a world where the player has the freedom to select from hundreds of online options, writes Peter Korpusenko, CEO at TVBET.  This choice might be based on the odds attached to betting selections, the layout of the site, proprietary features, or even the IT capacity behind the whole operation. However you look at it, …

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