William Lozano: Latin America is a huge opportunity for TVBET

William Lozano: Latin America is a huge opportunity for TVBET

Latin America has become an increasingly popular region for many operators and suppliers alike. And with more markets such as Brazil opening up, we’re only going to see more companies look to enter the region in the near future. TVBET is one such example.

Having already established a footprint in the region, TVBET is looking to expand its presence across Latin America. 

William Lozano, Business Development and Sales Manager for LatAm, walks us through future plans for the region and the reasons why he believes TVBET’s games have proved to be popular with LatAm bettors.

SBC: Thank you for chatting with us! William, can you begin by giving us a brief introduction to yourself? How did you come to work at TVBET? 

WL: Hello, SBC team! My name is William Lozano, and for two and a half years, I’ve been working at TVBET as a Business Development and Sales Manager in Latin America.  In general, I have more than ten years of experience in igaming, and I love my job with all my heart. Most of the time, I work as an expert on the Latin American market and help companies develop here.

I have been involved in the gaming sector for 18 years, working in both B2C and B2B capacities, I gained a significant part of my expertise while working in Malta for a B2C company, which served as an excellent experience for me. In 2012, I left Malta and returned to Colombia. 

During the time, the betting industry was relatively new in the LatAm region, but there was a great sense of enthusiasm to create something interesting. Today, we can observe the growing importance of the Latin American market, and the expectations for its continued growth remain high. 

SBC: Looking at the Latin American market, can you give us an overview of how TVBET has performed in the region so far? What has been the biggest milestone for the company? 

WL: TVBET has been actively developing in the region recently and is looking for new partnerships in Latin America. The fact is that we see excellent prospects for development here since our games arouse interest among players and betters. Latin Americans are huge football fans, which also makes them fans of betting on sports. 

At one time, we offered betting on live games that have no seasonality like big sports and can be played between matches, which makes our product attractive to players across the region. 

At the moment, we already have many partners in the region, including such large brands as BetWarrior, DoradoBet, Pixbet, Strendus and many others. And this is our most significant milestone that brands in Latin America choose our products for their casinos and bookmakers, both online and land based.  

SBC: Have you found that players across Latin America have shown a preference for particular TVBET games? Why do you think this is?

WL: Yes, for sure. In recent seasons, our live games KENO, WheelBet and Lucky6 hit the TOP of our products in Latin America. And it’s no surprise since all these games are kind of lotteries with simple and well-known rules and wide betting options!

KENO is one of the most popular lotteries in the world. According to the main rules, KENO uses 80 numbered balls. In each drawing, 20 balls are selected randomly. WheelBet by TVBET mixes the principles of the classic “wheel of fortune” with American roulette, which is also familiar to players worldwide. Lucky6 is a popular, dynamic and exciting live game where 35 numbers are randomly drawn from the 48 lottery balls in the machine. 

All these games are bright, intuitive to play and engaging with their wide betting lines. That is why they are so popular among LatAm players.  

SBC: Does this fall in line with what you would expect? 

WL: Definitely! We expected our games to find recognition in the region, and they really did.  

Moreover, we are constantly working on our offer and expanding it. So, not so long ago, we introduced live Roulette, as well as a new direction of quick sports games – Fast Sport. We are actively promoting these products in Latin America, as we are confident that they will appeal to players. 

Fast Sport is our new direction, which offers quick events of live-streamed sports competitions that run from 5 to 45 minutes while having all the advantages of big sports. That’s our main offering now in Latin America since it’s a region of sports-obsessed people. And we hope that more and more operators get interested in this new direction for TVBET. Highly recommended 😉  

SBC: As more markets  begin to open up to regulated gambling, where do you see the next biggest opportunities for betting and gaming companies in Latin America?

WL: Of course, there are huge prospects for the igaming market developments taking place in Brazil. A temporary measure to regulate sports betting was introduced this summer in Brazil. Actually, the process of legalising sports betting began back in 2018. Now, legislators are going to pass a corresponding law that will finally regulate sports betting and also open up prospects for the legalisation of other gambling activities.

Brazil is the most populous country in Latin America, almost twice the size of Mexico. The open doors for the igaming market in Brazil are a significant event not only for large market players but also for local and international companies of medium and small sizes.

Moreover, Brazilians have always been fond of not only sports, but they have also loved lotteries since ancient times. Therefore, this is an excellent field for developing sports betting and other types of entertainment, like live casino games.

SBC: What can you tell us about TVBET’s future plans for Latin America?

WL: I can say for sure that we see excellent prospects for development in the Latin American market and are going to expand in the region further actively. We hope that over time, more and more new countries will open their doors and legalise gambling and betting, thereby bringing huge revenues to the state treasury and allowing players to enjoy their favourite games and sports freely.

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