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Bwise Media: putting fans first is essential for Brazil Serie A success

After a lengthy off-season spanning the entirety of Q1, the Brazil Serie A campaign finally got underway at the weekend. One of Latin America’s most-watched leagues, Serie A will captivate a nation which is hooked on football and celebrates the sport as a cultural cornerstone rather than a hobby or pastime. 

The 2024 season will throw up several intriguing storylines. Palmeiras‘ wonderkid talent Endrick will begin his final few months of the season before heading to Real Madrid

Meanwhile, Brazilian giants such as Flamengo and Corinthians will look to knock Palmeiras off their perch as they vye to win the title. 

There is an enormous sense of anticipation for the upcoming campaign. And ahead of sports betting regulation, the opportunity has never been bigger for sports media companies. 

Bwise Media AG, a direct media sales and digital advertising specialist, has been operational in Brazil since 2018, serving several media clients – brands, agencies, affiliates, and publishers – during that time helping them to gain coverage and exposure to the millions of Brazilian football fans. 

The firm celebrated the Serie A kick off over the weekend and is ready to utilise its expertise to help its clients win big throughout the campaign. 

Sebastian Paris
Sebastian Paris. Image: Bwise Media

“When it comes to assisting igaming businesses in Brazil, especially during the Serie A campaign, it’s crucial to have a strategy that connects deeply with football enthusiasts,” explained Sebastian Paris, COO & Partner at bwise Media AG. “At Bwise, we’d focus on crafting targeted advertising campaigns that resonate with the fans’ passion for the game. Using data analytics is key to understanding market dynamics and consumer behaviour, ensuring our strategies are data-driven and effective. 

“Additionally, we emphasise optimising sports apps for a seamless user experience, enhancing engagement and retention. Our approach also involves leveraging local insights to create content and promotions that are culturally relevant, aiming to boost user acquisition and maximise revenue for our clients during this high-energy football season.”

With football in Brazil being such a “celebration of culture and emotion” rather than merely a competitive sport, providing fans with engaging, meaningful content is of paramount importance. Sebastian explained that real time content as well as content which “tells the stories of local heroes and memorable football moments” is the key to success.

Advertisers are increasingly becoming interested in partnering with firms that can tell those engaging stories, particularly at a time when sports betting is about to become regulated and interacting with fans has never been more important. 

Bwise Media AG is ready to be the partner of choice for any company looking to increase its exposure this football season: “In the context of our work in Brazil and Latin America, our deep dive into the sports culture, combined with prowess in analytics and marketing, really sets us apart. We have a knack for engaging users and boosting revenues for sports apps, thanks to our tailored strategies and localised content. 

“This intimate understanding of the region’s passion for sports, especially football, positions us as a top-choice partner for sports app brands aiming to make a significant impact in these key markets.”

“Our inside knowledge of the Brazilian market means we can create content that truly resonates, helping our partners to not just attract but also keep new players. It’s all about standing out and building loyalty in a bustling environment.”

As the Serie A season began over the weekend as Internacional defeated on Bahia and Criciuma drew with host Juventude, Brazil fans will be strapped in for eight months of competitive action, with a break in between for the hotly anticipated Copa America, which Brazil will be looking to win. 

While Brazil’s football fans strap in for a rollercoaster of a season, Bwise Media is also gearing up for an action-packed year of activity.

“With a keen understanding of the Brazilian sports landscape, we’re poised to offer unique insights and strategies to capture the audience’s passion. Stay tuned for some innovative approaches that promise to elevate the sports fans’ experience during this exciting soccer season.”

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