New directions for TVBET: Peter Korpusenko on 2023 developments and future plans

New directions for TVBET: Peter Korpusenko on 2023 developments and future plans

The last seven months have been incredibly busy for TVBET. However, the launch of two new products and the further development of its Bet On Good Foundation means that the second half of this year marks the beginning of ‘new directions’ for TVBET.

Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBET, sat down with SBC News to discuss the launch of Fast Keno, El Casino and Fast Sports as well as TVBET’s plans for the upcoming iGB Live! Conference in Amsterdam.

SBC: Peter, thank you for chatting with us! So we’re past the halfway point in 2023 – how’s everything been over at TVBET?

PK: Hello, team! I am also glad to talk with you again. You know, the year is very eventful, and everything is going great so far. Hope it stays that way 😀

TVBET has a lot of new products, with which we travel to many exhibitions and events. And the next event where you can catch us is IGB Live in Amsterdam, which is about to take place. We will be glad to see everyone who wants to talk at our booth M55 and discuss the possibility of developing business with TVBET!

SBC: As I understand, TVBET has just launched Fast Keno. For those that might not know, what differentiates Fast Keno from regular Keno?

PK: Yes, we have finally launched our long-awaited game Fast Keno. Now we have two KENO games available in our kit – our regular Keno and Fast Keno.

Fast Keno is an accelerated version of the beloved and well-known Keno game. That is, the breaks between draws are minimal, which allows players to play, place bets and work out their strategies more often. The rules remain the same, though. So, there is no need for players to get familiar with the game from scratch! Fast Keno is already available!

SBC: How will Fast Keno help TVBET to engage new audiences of bettors?

PK: Our regular Keno has already proved to be our best game on all continents! And no wonder, because this game has existed for hundreds of years, it is well known to players, the rules are extremely simple and clear, and the game process is exciting!

Therefore, we are confident that the new Fast Keno will appeal to old fans of the game and will also attract the attention of new players with its simplicity, interesting design, increased number of draws, and wide betting line! After all, it is the variety of bets that captivates players so much.

SBC: Tell us about El Casino – what can we expect from this product?

PK: El Casino is a completely new direction from TVBET! If earlier we offered partners only live TV games for integration, now within the framework of the new El Casino format, we will offer classic live casino games that have long been known to the gambling market. The portfolio of El Casino games will have the atmosphere of a real casino; only all this is in an online format.

Roulette, the first game in the El Casino portfolio, is already available for integration. And you know, the results that this game has shown in the first months motivate us to move further in this direction!

SBC: And you’re adding more to your sports products with Fast Sport. Why have you chosen to add a product that focuses on fast local matches to your portfolio? Do you find that there is much cross-over with bettors that enjoy sports and casino products?

PK: Yes, thanks for the question! We are also launching another completely different direction – Fast Sport! This format of quick local sports matches has all the same advantages as big sports.

However, Fast Sport is interesting because it is not tied to seasonality! Matches of different sports events happen all the time, they do not take much time, usually from 5 to 45 minutes, and they offer many betting options. That is why this direction will be of particular interest to bettors.

As for games in the new direction of Fast Sport, we plan to launch football, basketball, hockey, and table tennis. Of course, in the future, the portfolio will probably expand. But we are already sure that this format will appeal to sports fans!

SBC: At the beginning of the year, we spoke a lot about the work of your charity foundation, Bet On Good. Can you give us an update on some of the work that this organisation has been carrying out across Ukraine?

PK: Yes, you know our Bet on Good Foundation is developing very actively! On this occasion, I want to express my gratitude to your team and the media once again for the incredible support you provide to Ukraine and our foundation. That series of articles about the war in Ukraine and how different companies support the country perfectly conveyed the unity of Ukrainians and the desire to help their people in such a difficult time. And most importantly, thanks to you, it drew people’s attention to the problems of Ukrainians affected by war!

The CEO of our foundation, Vlad Slyusarenko, took part in this series of interviews, and I also saw many familiar faces. I am proud to see the huge contribution to the support of Ukraine that all these amazing people and companies make!

As for the foundation, I would like to note that the Bet on Good team, with the support of its key partner Gamingtec, launched the volunteer warehouse in Odesa, through which the Feed Those Who Need campaign has been successfully implemented for the fourth month already.

As part of the campaign, our team has come into close contact with many refugee families and actively supports them by providing weekly product packages, which contain all the necessary food and hygiene items for the refugees and everyone who needs help!

I want to note that recently, during the tragedy at the Kakhovka HPP, Bet on Good, with the support of Gamingtec, was able to quickly collect contacts of people evacuated to the Odesa region and support them. I recommend you watch our video about this:

We also have several other active campaigns and initiatives for which we are looking for new iGaming partners.

SBC: Why is it still so important that the igaming industry continues to support both charities and businesses based within Ukraine despite the ongoing conflict?

PK: The war is not over, unfortunately. More and more people are losing their homes, jobs, and lives… More and more people need help, and the army needs donations, cars, and weapons. We are inspired by how many people and companies worldwide support us. It’s amazing. The world is really a big family!

After all, if not each of us, then who?

Ukraine is a country with incredible people and values. In addition to all those horrors during this war, we saw many miracles and wonderful people. These people have become a shield for Europe, defending freedom, love, and democracy. Therefore, I urge all those who are not indifferent not to give up and to remember that now, millions of people who suffered from an unjust war need our unity and support.

The website of our foundation:

Leave your application for a meeting. Let’s think together about how we can be useful to Ukrainians.

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