Simon Lidzèn, Fast Track CEO and co-founder

Simon Lidzèn: We’re on the Fast Track to the future of CRM

Following the announcement that Fast Track integrated OpenAI into their CRM platform, Simon Lidzèn, Fast Track CEO and co-founder, spoke to SBC News about how this new feature is helping operators to “work smarter, not harder”.

The new capability, which was showcased for the first time at ICE, promises to create “human-like”, multi-level marketing campaigns that can be localised to each audience at the click of a button.

Simon began: “OpenAI Chat-GTP is a relatively new technology, and it is only now that the technology has advanced to a level where it can be effectively integrated into our CRM platform.

“Since its inception, Fast Track’s mission has been delivering the industry’s first self-learning engagement platform. We’ve developed the singularity model, a system that has the ability to ‘match-make’ between content and players, figuring out which content and offer is the right one for that specific player and sending out the message through the best channel at the optimal time.

“We set our partners out on a pathway for success and work with them hand in hand to move through the stages, freeing up time, automating their workflows and scaling through 1:1 experiences.

“Up to this point, creating campaigns, and content and setting up all the dimensions required, resulted in a productivity issue. This new technology in the form of a deep integration with OpenAI, offers an unprecedented level of productivity, enabling our partners to generate multi-channel campaigns, subject lines, A/B testing and language localisation with live in-context preview in seconds,” he said.

“We believe that the time is right to launch this model because we’ve been building strong foundations and preparing ourselves for when the technology becomes available. Fast Track is bridging the OpenAI tech. making it context relevant to the iGaming industry and coupling it with all the pre-existing functionality within the Fast Track platform.”

“This is just the beginning of the multiple applications of this technology – This type of AI language model will be embedded in many tools we use day-to-day – We are working on new applications relevant to our Partners and aligned with Pathway stages of ‘freeing up time’ and ‘automating’ mundane tasks.

“Our partners can quickly and easily create highly personalised and localised campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs and behaviours of their customers.

“This level of personalisation helps our partners to build stronger relationships with their players which, in turn, can lead to increased loyalty and retention. It’s unlocking another piece of the puzzle to delivering a self-learning platform.”

“In the fast-paced and highly competitive igaming industry, localisation and personalisation are essential components of successful CRM. However, these tasks are time-consuming and require real-time attention from customers.”

Real-time data on individual customers enables operators to tailor messaging, campaigns and bonus recommendations which are highly targeted and specific for the player, meeting the needs and adapting to the player’s behaviour in doing so.

For operators with a footprint in multiple markets, localisation is a critical component of a successful CRM strategy – both from a marketing and regulatory standpoint. This new integration will usher in a new era of localisation for Fast Track partners.

“By offering localised content you can ensure cultural sensitivity, compliance with regulations of specific markets and a level of personal connection with customers in a specific region, which can ultimately lead to increased revenue and growth.”

The Fast Track system was built to enable users to easily send out localised versions of the campaign within the same activity. Yet this integration takes you a step further. Our partners can now benefit from automated translations for multiple markets, a feature which has just been rolled out to all operator partners, enabling them to translate their campaigns into multiple languages within seconds.

But whilst this new regression model relies heavily on artificial intelligence, this isn’t to say that Fast Track has dismissed the importance of the ‘human touch’.

What this technology brings to CRM teams is an unprecedented level of productivity and efficiency. As more tasks get automated, it is likely that the day-to-day tasks for a CRM executive or manager will start to gravitate towards a CRM producer role, shifting focus to the more strategic and creative aspects of the job, which is arguably the most enjoyable part of the role.

They will be able to concentrate on generating innovative ideas, analyzing campaigns, and identifying ‘bright spots’ in their data to optimize their strategies and improve ROI. The role will become more centered on leveraging the full potential of AI tools, rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks, fulfilling their goal of driving growth and success. Orchestrating tools and leveraging AI will mean that smaller, more productive teams can achieve more and do so more efficiently.

“Historically, predicting the impact of disruptive technology on the future has proven to be a difficult task as there are plenty of variables which make it difficult to forecast. In terms of the technology we have today, albeit groundbreaking, still requires human oversight to ensure that the campaigns align with the company’s overall marketing strategy and brand values.

“What we can foresee is an unmatched level of output without increasing the burden on the team. It could potentially impact the type of people that get hired or the capabilities employers look for, but we’ll have to wait and see to tell what the future holds.”

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