Parimatch’s Tatyana Davydova discusses Employer of the Year Award

Earlier this month,  Parimatch received the prestigious Employer of the Year Award at the annual SBC Awards.

In an exclusive interview with SBC, Parimatch’s Chief Talent Officer Tatyana Davydova, discussed the award and the firm’s employee culture.

Congratulations on being named the Employer of the Year. Can you tell us what this award means for Parimatch?

For us, this award means a significant recognition in the international arena, it’s very important for the self-identity of the company and for the people who work for it.

This is an authoritative confirmation that we are visible, that we are doing everything right. And since we have ambitious plans, this support is very important for our Teams.

Why do you think you won this category? What measures have you introduced over the last few months to support your employees during the pandemic?

People are the key asset of the company. Therefore, we have concentrated our maximum efforts to ensure that the changes do not affect the emotional, physical and professional state of our employees. We can say that we did everything possible for this. 

We transferred the work of the company to a remote mode, we provided comfortable workplaces for our employees to organise the work at home, we ensured the delivery of equipment and furniture to everyone who required it, we organised the online work of all processes, automated HR processes, transformed onboarding, prepared and delivered supportive gifts not only for employees, but also for their family members, we have conducted and continue to conduct online events, both professional and expert, as well as motivating, supporting and team-building. 

We care about the mental health of our colleagues, at the beginning of the quarantine we organised webinars with psychologists and trainings on burnout, stress resistance and other topics. Now we continue these practices and see tangible positive results.

How has Parimatch ensured that it has introduced a thriving employee culture?

Culture is an essential component of our company, we always pay maximum attention to it. It is based on the values ​​that shape our team and help us achieve ambitious goals and move forward.

We are very flexible to changes, we make sure that the culture does not just develop by itself, we grow with it, so that it reflects who we are.

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