SBC News Fast Track’s Dan Morrison: Why now is the time to digitalise player engagement

Fast Track’s Dan Morrison: Why now is the time to digitalise player engagement

Dan Morrison reflects on his journey from a bootstrapped entrepreneur to his new role as the Commercial Director of Fast Track, looking at the evolution of player engagement strategies and how a digitalised, customer-centric approach benefits the entire iGaming industry.

A unified player engagement strategy: more problems than solutions?

The evolution of the internet is perhaps the single most important factor to thank for the rapid growth of the iGaming industry in recent years. Now, there is an even bigger factor at play. Competition between operators and, more specifically, regulation and the markets they operate in.

There are many choices on the market today that enable operators to service demands of the current landscape; from SMS and Push Notification suppliers to intuitive bonus engines and standard CRM tools.

While this choice benefits the industry as a whole, it also creates indirect deficiencies. There is a risk of human error in operations due to the manual synchronisation of multiple platforms for the same user journey. In some cases there are frequent disconnects in user journeys due to the number of independent systems involved.

Shifting from 3rd party integrations to a centralised system

Fast Track realised years ago a problem was brewing. Casinos are now shifting their attention to technology that allows them to work from one central real-time platform. They are looking for a way to unify the countless 3rd party integrations needed to appeal to the convenience and attention of the modern player.

I have followed Fast Track since their inception back in 2016. Initially I researched Fast Track to check if these guys could be a competitor of ConversionBet which I had launched around the same time. Upon initial research I immediately realised two things; they were not a competitor, and secondly that they were answering a problem within iGaming that wasn’t yet solved end-to-end.

Fast Track four years to now

Fast forward 4 years and after finding success as a bootstrapped entrepreneur, I found myself open for my next career move in Malta. Here in particular, it is challenging to find the right iGaming brand to fit ‘you’.

I considered many factors regarding what brand to put my name towards; Is it the right product? Do they have the right team? Will I fit in with their culture?

There are many companies on the island that have great instances of the above. I spoke to Simon Lizden & Christopher Hirst, Co-Founders of Fast Track, and was surprised that they already knew who I was from my previous endeavors. After much due diligence and further research, the only one business aligned with all three (and more) was Fast Track.

It was clear that there was a huge amount of synergy and it made sense for me to join them as their Commercial Director.

Now is the time to digitalise player engagement

When an operator chooses Fast Track, they’re not only investing in a synchronised real-time player engagement platform, they are investing in future-proofing their brand with a customer-centric approach, allowing them to fully digitalise their player engagement.

I’m looking forward to sharing the Fast Track vision over the coming years and excited to help its partners fully realise their player engagement goals.

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