SBC News Bayes Esports set out to “standardise sports betting” with BODEX launch

Bayes Esports set out to “standardise sports betting” with BODEX launch

Berlin-based Bayes Esports will enable its partners to access betting odds from multiple sources via a single integration following the launch of its new platform, BODEX

BODEX, otherwise known as Bayes Odds Exchange, has been described as being a “first-of-its-kind dedicated odds integration platform” and will feature odds from both general and specialised traders on a single platform. These odds will be standardised in terms of data format, market definitions and API. 

Bayes Esports explained that BODEX will enable its operator partners to subscribe to “very specific odds packages” that differentiate between the included sports or games, organisers, tournaments, leagues and markets.

SBC News Bayes Esports set out to “standardise sports betting” with BODEX launchAgnes Wasikowsksa, Lead Product Manager at Bayes Esports, outlined some of the key aims for BODEX, shedding some light on her vision for the platform.

She said: “Esports is very dynamic by nature; new game titles appear and disappear, events are rescheduled, interest shifts. At the same time fans also want a new kind of experience, faster and more engaging. This all gives rise to a new generation of specialised odds providers, which focus on covering a small subgroup of the ecosystem. 

“A sportsbook that wants to provide a full product would need to devote resources to multiple integrations. At Bayes we want to change this.

“We have this vision of unifying the betting industry and this has been part of the company mission since the very beginning. We are already doing it with data and now we want to move this concept over to odds. 

“BODEX (which stands for Bayes Odds Exchange) plays into this notion perfectly; we take feeds with differing formats and coverages and allow the customer to gain access to a variety of providers while requiring only one integration.

“One other side goal we have is really honing in on supporting the sports industry by promoting official data usage and integrity. We would like to continue doing this with BODEX; giving back to the ecosystem is crucial for us.”

BODEX will be based upon Bayes Esports’ BEDEX platform, and will be much more focused on the integration and distribution of odds in esports. The platform will soon be expanded to allow more sports to be integrated in the near future.

One of the key benefits to the platform, Wasikowsksa explained, is its ability to provide a unified odds interface which she believes can remove some of the burden associated with software development.

The Lead Product Manager added: “The lack of unification is one of the monumental problems plaguing every industry. At the end of the day even the cost of a single integration is often prohibitive, especially for the smaller players in the industry. Software development is expensive and takes precious time most operators are unable to spare.

“A unified odds interface directly combats this problem. Let’s say you are looking to choose between a great quality provider with a smaller coverage and a wide coverage player with lower odds quality. As our customer you no longer have to make that trade off. Just simply choose the tier 1 tournaments from a market leader and supplement it by a wide selection of lower tier content from other players.” 

As a result, Bayes Esports highlighted that the BODEX platform can help the sports betting industry to ‘reach its full potential’.

“Essentially what it comes down to is that a customer is not locking themselves in by integrating with BODEX,” Wasikowsksa shared. “The chosen provider can be switched at any time; this allows them to easily try odds from smaller players in the market and revert to a trusted player within seconds. All the integration work is performed by Bayes Esports leaving the customer to just reap the benefits.” 

SBC News Bayes Esports set out to “standardise sports betting” with BODEX launchFor CEO and Managing Director Martin Dachselt, the launch of BODEX marks an “exciting time” for sports betting and will create a “win-win” for all stakeholders in the sector.

He commented: “BODEX is truly revolutionary for the sports betting market. It will allow the sports betting market, and especially the esports betting market, to fully reach its potential.

“This is an exciting time for the sports betting industry and we are proud of what our team has achieved to be at the forefront of this development. Our new and innovative platform BODEX creates a win-win situation for both providers and operators. 

“Providers, especially those that are specialised in a specific sport, game, or region, will have an easier time finding customers for their services, while operators benefit from being able to offer new sports, game titles, or tournaments without having to deal with the high overhead costs that used to be associated with that.”

Sportsflare has been named as the first company to utilise the BODEX platform. The firm’s CEO, Maximilian Polaczuk, added: “We are honoured to be part of the launch of BODEX and have our friends at Bayes as our partners. We are looking forward to helping them expand the esports market.” 

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