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QTech to launch “Industry first” mobile recommendation app

Asian online gaming distributor QTech has unveiled a new recommendation engine, designed utilising similar technology to digital content giants Amazon, Netflix and Spotify.

Named QT Play, the firm detail that it “is the first cross-provider recommendation mobile app tailor-made for the gaming industry.”

The engine works by running off technology that allows users to make a selection of any game from any provider, and switch between them at their convenience.

QTech players will also be recommended further titles, which are to be aligned with their personal favourites in order to enhance the overall experience.

Recommendations are to be based on a the similarity of a consumers profile, content and playability, with the belief being that they will “perfectly” capture an individual users taste.

Jonas Alm, Chief Executive Officer at QTech, has stated his belief that new app could be a “game-changer” for the industry, in addition to aiding partners to stand out from the crowd in a rapidly expanding market.

Alm explained: “Mobile growth in Asian gaming is outstripping even our wildest expectations, so it’s sometimes easy for both players and operators to feel overwhelmed by the scale of choice and competition among countless game releases.

“QT Play is the weapon operators need in their armoury for players to quickly access and refine the games they love, simultaneously benefiting from the like-minded suggestions made by its intuitive code.

“Spotify revolutionised the music industry in this domain, and we have similar hopes for QT Play. Its automated-curation solution ensures that players always find their favourite games, without ever missing out on an appropriate new release.”

QTech, who states its goal is “to become the largest provider of digital entertainment in Asia by 2021,” reported successful triple digit growth in 2017, detailing a overall improvement of the speed and performance of all games on its platform.

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