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Tim Rehder CEO of Cubits

ICE 2015 and London Baby are less than a week away! Team SBC caught up with London Baby sponsor Tim Rehder CEO of Cubits, the Bitcoin trading platform  that allows customers to buy bitcoin in minutes, making it one of the fastest digital currency platforms in Europe.

SBC: What has your company and its services and operations learned from 2014?

Tim: Quality takes time. We have been developing Cubits for over a year, laying out highest security standards and a smart Bitcoin product everyone can use and understand. Robustness and reliability are not achieved overnight. We extended our Beta test phase before our launch to really get a feel for how customers interact with our platform and took extra time and care when coming together with our first partners in the iGaming industry. While we will always push to help the industry with new products and solutions, we know that ensuring utmost quality, in all of its forms, is closest to our hearts.

2014 has witnessed exceptionally interesting developments in Bitcoin. Bitcoin has grown up significantly over the year, and we are happy to see the focus shifting away from its price movements towards the exploration of its countless potential applications. Throughout the year, we were developing our services according to what we think are the needs of the industry. Via the right services, Bitcoin has the ability answer a multitude of issues around payments. We used 2014 to map out the definition of the “right services” and develop them into our present offering.

SBC: What new products will your company be delivering in 2015?

Tim: With 2014 having provided us with the opportunity to lay the foundation, 2015 is where Cubits will really start living up to its potential. Our already great core payment processing and wallet capabilities will be enhanced by a complete mobile offering for B2B and B2C clients. We will also add a suite of functionalities to our API, tailored to online gaming, as we collect invaluable experience around integration and automation.

Our payment processing services will be expanded in terms of compatibility and functions.  Our motivation to offer the iGaming industry with a more efficient and economic way of doing payments goes hand in hand with the promotion of Bitcoin amongst players.

Our product offering will be expanded to include a multitude of new aspects. White label solutions as a way of tendering the most holistic of services, risk management services as a way of introducing clients to protection and mitigation of exposures. Cubits has a solid pipeline of projects and developments, most of which we will update you on as the year progresses – stay tuned!

SBC: What key topics and discussion do you feel will dominate industry in agenda in 2015?

Tim: The iGaming industry will continue its skirmish with a couple of fundamental issues in 2015. While everyone is aware of increasing regulation, the air is also filled with talk of cost-cutting initiatives and the emphasis on profitability. Modernising the way the industry’s processing payments and the costs associated to it are at the very heart of this campaign. Cubits is here to lend a hand.

On the other hand, there has barely ever been a time holding as many opportunities in store for the iGaming industry. As the world turns digital, the ubiquity of social media and the ability to hold the universe of online gaming in the palm of your hand are driving the industry to new heights. Key topics include innovation, simplicity and user-friendliness, security and the sharing of experiences with others.

Turning an eye to payments, Bitcoin can offer many of these aspects. For that reason, and the obvious economic and organisational benefits, the Bitcoin advantage will be one of the hot topics for operators, platforms and gamers alike. We cater to all of them.

SBC: Which new technology, service or consumer trend will have the biggest impact on the iGaming industry in 2015?

Tim:There are many trends and technological advances shaping the near future of the iGaming sphere. With regards to payments, the maturing of Bitcoin from the new kid on the block to a serious and potent system will inevitably change the ways of the game forever. Casinos running entirely on Bitcoin spring up by the hundreds, and more and more platforms accept the currency as a method of payment. Disregarding boarders and traditional currencies, Bitcoin opens platforms to users around the globe, with one common method of payment.

That Bitcoin will save the industry a fortune in transaction costs, and provide it with unprecedented visibility in the absence of chargeback risk, is widely known. That services such as ours make it incredibly straight forward to integrate Bitcoin and provide the highest degree of security, will be, too, over the course of the year. The Blockchain offers the technology and Cubits the services to satisfy the industry’s demand for better payments.

SBC: Why have you chosen to begin 2015 by sponsoring London Baby 2015?       

Tim: We are co-sponsoring the ICE on several different dimensions this year. London Baby is a great event providing a networking platform within the ICE framework but outside of the more formal setting of the exhibition. We plan to build our brand awareness and overall recognition, and an event like London Baby at the beginning of the year is the perfect podium to do so. Connecting to various, like-minded people from the industry is the clear goal.

SBC: Finally can you give SBC readers one industry prediction for 2015?

Tim: Payments and iGaming are changing, together. The Gaming industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we predict that technology and the emerging solutions are to amplify the benefits for all stakeholders alike. We plan to help driving the changes to come, and clearly aim to aid operators and platforms in serving their customers in the best way possible while increasing profitability, accessibility and visibility. Gamers can expect to benefit from Bitcoin’s advantages directly, such as the protection of their privacy, as well as indirectly via more (cost-) efficient processes for platforms. The future of payments is at our doorstep. Let’s cross the threshold together.


Tim Rehder – CEO – Cubits




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