JKR announces new year rebranding to reflect shifting strategy

In recognition of its enhanced commercial scope, JKR Investment Group has announced new branding including a ‘refreshed logo’, corporate colours and visual elements, going into 2022.

The group has undergone a shift in its strategy in recent years, having initially focused on the entertainment sector but now looking into new economic segments, including the betting and gaming industry.

Notable investments made in the wagering space include BETEGY, BETER Sport and BETER Live, while the firm has invested in Speed Media and maintains interest in other areas such as Logistics, EdTech, Longevity and ‘other technology markets’.

“Our previous look corresponded to the positioning of a venture builder, being conservative and formal,” said Alexander Gusev, Co-Founder, and CEO of JKR Investment Group.

“As we grew, explored the new markets, and shifted our profile from a builder to an investor, we needed a fresh look that would reflect our upgraded philosophy.”

In a bid to represent JKR’s ‘expertise in the tech industry’, the investment group has implemented a digital style logo in contrast to its initial hand-written one, whilst continuing the use of ultraviolet to demonstrate its ‘unconventional investment approach’.

Additionally, the rebrand will see the introduction of ‘visual analogies’ to reflect its investment philosophy, such as a unicorn with a spark to represent startup ideas and dynamite to represent passion and desire to ‘disrupt industries’, whilst a gradient has been added to the main visual objects to represent the brand’s flexibility.

“JKR stands for Joker, and the new branding reflects his nature of outdoing oneself and lighting the fuse to blow up the conventional,” Gusev added.

The rebranding is the second major strategic overhaul conducted by JKR in as many months, having overseen the reorganisation of BETER’s content and data services – as the majority stakeholder in the content, data and odds provider – with the goal of setting a ‘new industry standard’.

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