Vermantia secures racing content deal with Azerbaijan Caspian Tech

Vermantia secures racing content deal with Azerbaijan’s Caspian Tech

Omni-channel content solutions provider Vermantia has extended its partnership with Topaz, the state licensed operator in Azerbaijan.

Under the terms of the deal, Topaz’s Caspian Tech channel will be provided with live racing betting content via Vermantia’s Ultimate Live Greyhound Channel.

The channel will be fully integrated with Vermania’s CONNECT platform, and the firm will also set-up and operate its product across its 500-strong Topaz branded outlet Estate.

“Caspian Tech represents a very important partner for us and I would like nothing more than to see us expanding our collaboration together,” said Spyros Stavropoulos, Commercial Director at Vermantia.

“Topaz customers are now able to enjoy top quality live racing content, complete with high-definition pictures and a full data service. 

“CONNECT has proven to be a game-changer in other markets already, combining the highest picture quality with genuine low-latency in a cost-effective solution that allows the operator to choose exactly what content they need.”

Azerbaijani customers will be provided with a daily schedule of live international greyhound racing from British and Australian tracks, as well as receiving access to a fully managed data and odds service via the CONNECT platform.

Deputy Technical Director of Caspian Tech, Mustafa Onder, added: “Our partnership with Vermantia meets both our quest for a trusted partner with an international content distribution experience and our goal to offer fast-paced and exciting betting products to our customers. 

“We are very excited to be launching an upgraded service which we believe will prove to be an immediate hit, and no doubt enhance our retail offering with exciting action-packed betting opportunities.”

Azerbaijan is the latest international market that Vermania – headquartered in Athens and Italy – has gained a foothold in, having secured partnerships in 32 different countries since its foundation in 2007.

In March 2018 the Arena Racing Company (ARC) acquired a majority stake in the firm, enabling further development of its broadcasting and technological capabilities.

SBC News Vermantia secures racing content deal with Azerbaijan's Caspian Tech

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