Trump will win majority of States but it’s Hillary for President

According to spread betting firm Sporting Index Donald Trump is on course to win the majority of States but he’ll ultimately fail in his presidency bid.  hillaryclinton

Following the further revelations about her email usage and public revelation of the FBI investigation, Hillary Clinton is now predicted to win fewer states than Trump but still become the 45th president of the United States.

The new email controversy has seen Clinton’s Electoral College Votes prediction sink by 32 to 295, though the former Secretary of State is still ahead of the magic 270 needed to be elected president.

Sporting Index now expect Republican rival Trump to carry 27 states and collect 243 electoral college votes, including the key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Iowa that looked out of reach just two weeks ago.

Despite the uncertainty, the spread betting company expects Clinton to hold on to the key states of Pennsylvania, Nevada and North Carolina, though Arizona looks a lost cause.

Ed Fulton, Political Trading Spokesman for Sporting Index, said: “The race may have looked like a Hillary Clinton landslide a fortnight ago but two weeks is an eternity in politics. In a reversal of roles, Clinton has been the subject of headline writers of late, leaving rival Donald Trump to gain vital ground.

“With less than a week until the polls open we now expect Trump to carry more states than Clinton, but the electoral college map is still very much against him. He may well win Florida, but early voting indicates Clinton should win Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania on the way to becoming the 45th president. However, a week is a very long time in politics.”

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