Fast Track debuts Singularity model

iGaming operators will be able to deliver 1:1 experiences to players following the launch of Fast Track’s Singularity model.

The Singularity Model features an engine that observes every action the player makes in real time and uses machine learning and computations to establish a comprehensive player profile.

Once a player profile has been created, the Singularity model tailors the content, times and channels to the individual player which Fast Track noted “creates a relevant, timely engagement”.

“We have been working towards delivering this solution since the early days of Fast Track,” commented Simon Lidzén, Co-founder and CEO of Fast Track.

“Within the iGaming industry we have spoken about creating 1:1 experiences with our players for many years but have not had access to the right tools to make it a reality. I am excited and proud that Fast Track is making 1:1 player experiences possible for the first time with the Singularity Model.”

Through the model, operators will be given control of data, a decision-making framework and tech stack which can then be customised to meet the operator’s needs.

To further support 1:1 experiences, Fast Track has also released a new data analytics platform: Fast Track Data Studio. 

Sitting on top of the Fast Track real-time data feed, the Data Studio will allow users to “carry out complex queries in lightning-fast time” while also assisting users to make more informed decisions about their business via customisable dashboards. 

Fast Track’s partners will also have access to the Singularity Project, an intelligence hub managed by a dedicated data science team. 

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