NordicBet resumes Danish Liga sponsorship duties

NordicBet has resumed and extended its title sponsorship of Danish football’s first division league for a further consecutive season. 

The Betsson AB sportsbook has served as principal partner to Denmark’s second-ranking football division since 2017, seeing it carry the title name of the ‘NordicBet Liga’.

However, during the 2020/2021 season, Nordicbet was forced to pause its sponsorship due to unforeseen technical changes implemented across Denmark’s advertising laws.  

Divisionsforeningen (DF), Danish Football league association, confirmed that NordicBet would return as principal sponsor of the first division, which will begin its new season on 25 July 2021.

DF CEO Claus Thomsen praised NordicBet for maintaining its commitments to Danish football during its unfortunate suspension.

“In NordicBet, we have a dedicated and stable partner with a focus on responsible gaming,” he said. “They are a partner that is supporting Danish football even in such a challenging time for world football. This extension sends a signal that Danish football is still worth supporting.”

During Nordicbet’s lockout, Betsson replied that it had pursued all avenues to maintain its decade-long relationship with Danish football, in which its brands have been a prominent partner in league and club development.  

Ronni Hartvig, Chief Commercial Officer at Betsson Group, said: “Even though our sponsorship was on pause, we still continued supporting the clubs by looking on from outside the pitch and now we are happy to step back in the pitch and resume this great partnership. Our goal is to continue in strengthening the league and drive new initiatives which we hope will bring fans even closer to the clubs they support.”

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