SBC News Lusia Barseghyan: Oddsgate’s rewarding journey of discovery in Brazil

Lusia Barseghyan: Oddsgate’s rewarding journey of discovery in Brazil

Igaming platform solutions provider Oddsgate is no stranger to the LatAm gaming market, having invested more than 18 months building its presence in Brazil. Talking more about that experience is Lusia Barseghyan, Co-Founder and Director of Gaming Operations, who cites reliability as one of the overarching requirements for operators.

SBC: Can you give us an update so far as to how Oddsgate has been active in the Brazilian market?

Lusia Barseghyan: For more than a year and a half Oddsgate had been actively expanding its presence in the Brazilian market, forming strong bonds through strategic partnerships, getting involved in local communities with our marketing efforts, and making sure to listen closely to what Brazilian customers want. 

Exploring the Brazilian gambling industry has been a rewarding journey, presenting a blend of challenges and opportunities for growth. Establishing strategic alliances with local providers has been instrumental in broadening our presence and fostering credibility within the Brazilian gambling community. 

In this swiftly expanding market, where regulations and cultural norms are in constant flux, mastering the complexities of the Brazilian landscape has become essential. As a rapidly growing market with evolving regulation and cultural nuances, understanding and adapting to the dynamics of the Brazilian landscape has been paramount. 

SBC: What has been your experience to date in terms of getting to grips with such a big marketplace and what is working best?

LB: What distinguishes us from other market players is our emphasis not only on platform services but also on consultancy, actively aiding operators in strategising and finding solutions daily. This distinctive approach not only differentiates us but also enables us to provide comprehensive support to our clients, ensuring their constant success within the competitive market environment. The extensive expertise of each board member of Oddsgate in distinct areas, coupled with the replication of our knowledge and experience in collaboration with clients are fundamental elements contributing to our success.

SBC: With much to be decided yet on the shape of the market and legislation, what are the key challenges Oddsgate faces as it builds its presence there?

LB: Considering the challenges posed by the regulatory environment our policy involves ensuring agility and adaptability to respond effectively to potential changes, while also actively competing with other industry participants to secure a desirable market share. Overcoming challenges associated with regulatory changes demands a strategic mindset, adaptability, and a profound comprehension of the local environment to effectively position Oddsgate for success amidst uncertainties in both regulation and the market.

SBC: What kind of qualities should Brazilian operators be looking for when seeking a partner like Oddsgate?

LB: From my perspective when Brazilian operators are looking for a partner, their top priority should be reliability. This means ensuring that the potential partner has a strong reputation and a proven track record in the industry. It is essential that the partner complies with Brazilian gambling laws and regulations, showing a dedication to meeting legal requirements and obtaining the necessary licences. 

Additionally, technological innovation and data security should be key considerations, as the partner should offer advanced solutions while keeping customer information safe. Understanding the Brazilian market and providing flexible, scalable options can also lead to a successful and beneficial partnership. I would also highlight the following qualities that are imperative for me and my partners when operating a platform and consultancy business.

  • Transparency and communication 

Ensuring open and transparent communication channels is vital for us, starting from the initial sales contact and continuing throughout the entire operations process. This fosters a collaborative, mutually beneficial relationship

  • Marketing and branding support

Providing effective marketing and branding support to our operators is vital for attracting and retaining their customers in a competitive market. In the Brazilian gambling market, player acquisition strategies are more actively carried out due to the relatively early stage of market development, however, as the market matures and competition intensifies, retention strategies are to become increasingly crucial for sustaining growth and maximising profitability by increasing customer loyalty and lifetime cycle.

  • Scalability and flexibility

Considering its growth potential and dynamic regulatory environment, scalability and flexibility are crucial factors to weigh when choosing a partner and platform provider in the Brazilian market. A scalable platform is essential for accommodating market expansion, while flexibility and operational excellence are essential to adapt to regulatory changes and shifting consumer preferences. These attributes empower operators to maintain competitiveness, drive innovation, and ensure top-notch experiences for their customers.

SBC: And finally, what are the common mistakes that operators need to avoid when choosing the right platform for their business?

LB: Placing cost above quality. We’ve consistently received requests from numerous operators to migrate their operations, often with significant damage already incurred from operating on other low-cost platforms. They should also try to avoid underestimating platform alignment with business goals and miscalculating the importance of platform scalability and reliability.



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