SBC News Natalia Hurina, V.Partners: realising the full potential of igaming affiliation

Natalia Hurina, V.Partners: realising the full potential of igaming affiliation

Natalia Hurina, Head of Affiliates at V.PartnersAffiliation has long been a staple in any igaming operator’s strategy, often acting as an important strategy to engage with new player bases around the world. But can affiliation sometimes be overlooked?

Natalia Hurina, Head of Affiliates at V.Partners, sat down with SBC News to discuss some of the key things to consider when looking at using affiliate networks.

Natalia also reflected on her career to date, explaining how she supports V.Partners in creating the best possible strategies to strengthen the company’s affiliate division.

She began: I have accumulated over six years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry and currently hold the position of Head of Affiliates at V.Partners.

“In my role, I am responsible for cultivating and sustaining relationships with our key partners. This involves the creation of optimal offers, conducting a comprehensive assessment of our partners’ requirements to improve our platform, pricing strategies, and providing guidance to assist them in achieving the highest possible results through their collaboration with V.Partners.

“I also work on opening new markets as well as helping brands to adapt to the needs of the market. Additionally, I take part in hiring and taking care of the Affiliate team which is constantly growing.”

For Natalia, the last few years have given her the opportunity to thoroughly understand the world of affiliate marketing – a sector that she noted was new ground for her when she first started at V.Partners.

She continued: “Six years ago, I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing. A friend of mine told me about some ‘weird’ job opportunities and I was really excited to try it, even though I had no experience. I had a feeling that something completely new would be interesting, and it became my passion.

“I joined V.Partners already having some experience in another vertical, however, I have worked in affiliate marketing for around two years. At V.Partners, I was really impressed by the team and the way I was welcomed.”

“Moreover, the igaming vertical appeared more interesting for me, especially when we are talking about the work with our own brands and you have the full access to analytics and can influence each change. I felt that in this place, I would be able to work in a comfortable environment and unfold my potential.”

Prior to joining V.Partners, Natalia worked across a number of different industries, including mobile advertising and the legal sector.

But while these sectors are arguably very different to the igaming affiliation space, she told SBC that she learnt valuable management skills that have ultimately shaped her approach to work.

Natalia continued: “My diverse background of prior experiences has proven to be a vital cornerstone in shaping my professional growth. While working in the legal industry, I was the only content-writer in the team, so this one has taught me to work efficiently and swiftly.

“When we are talking about mobile advertising – after one year I was still considering myself a newbie in the industry, but I had already managed to receive the position of Business Development Department team lead, even though I was managing a small group of people. So, I had already gained some managing experience before V.Partners.

“The vertical was different and we didn’t have our own brands, so it was even more difficult to gain good results, to be honest. That’s why I had to be creative and spend a lot of time doing my work overtime.”

One of the key learnings that the Head of Affiliates has taken from her previous role is the need to deliver a more individual experience for each partner as well as each member of the team.

By identifying a partners’ individual needs, V.Partners can not only foster long-term relationships with its clients but also facilitate further growth.

“Taking an individualized approach to each client is often paramount in the affiliate marketing industry,” Hurina said. “Every client is unique with distinct business goals, target audiences, and strategies. Tailoring the approach allows V.Partners to provide solutions that align precisely with a client’s needs and objectives.”

A more bespoke approach to client management is something which Natalia believes has been a key driving force behind increased rates of satisfaction among V.Partners’ network.

She added: “Clients appreciate the dedication to their unique needs. When they see that V.Partners is invested in their success, it fosters trust and long-term relationships, leading to higher client satisfaction and potential referrals. The digital landscape and market dynamics are constantly evolving.

“Customised strategies allow for quick adjustments and adaptations, ensuring clients stay competitive and achieve KPIs even as circumstances change. Focusing on individual clients’ success can contribute to the long-term growth and stability of V.Partners as satisfied clients are more likely to maintain and expand their partnerships.

“In summary, taking an individual approach to clients is crucial for achieving KPIs, maintaining strong client relationships, and staying competitive in the affiliate marketing industry. It demonstrates a commitment to client success and can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.”

Looking towards 2024, Natalia told SBC that these next 12 months are going to be filled with some big announcements from V.Partners, with its portfolio of brands expected to expand their offering even further.

As a network, she added, V.Partners will continue to pursue new opportunities within different markets and will also continue to develop new features.

Natalia concluded: “Each year always brings new goals and plans. Right now, we’re all about developing our freshest brands – Verde Casino and HitNSpin, adding more and more slots, new game providers, markets, etc. However, we never forget our other brands, so we are always trying to stay tuned.

“All our brands accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment to increase privacy for players. We implemented measures to help players manage their gambling activities including self-exclusion options and responsible gaming tools. Also we will be adding betting as well as esports betting to our new brands.

“As the network of our partners is rapidly growing, we’re always looking for new people to join our team. We do look into new markets all the time, so I believe this will bring even more partners. New markets are under cover now, but I can share that we are looking more into Latin America and Asia at the moment.

“We are going to develop some great features on our platform to make the work and analytics even more transparent and easy. Stay tuned for future updates – the road ahead is filled with excitement, and we’re delighted to have you alongside us on this remarkable journey.”

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