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Redefining work in igaming: Flows’ James King on blending human talent with AI-powered automation

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has become increasingly popular within the igaming industry as we all well know. But one such question that has often been floated around is ‘how can companies work alongside AI effectively to create a streamlined working environment?’

James King, CEO of Flows, believes that the answer lies in finding that meeting point between technology and the human touch.

For King, the intersection of automation, AI technology and human talent is somewhat of a ‘marriage made in heaven’ as it provides a prime opportunity for igaming companies to streamline their operations but also remove some of the administrative burdens and operational complexities placed on their workforce.

He began: “Adapting to the technological shift towards AI and automation is paramount for igaming companies. This is not merely a trend but a transformational force reshaping the industry and, to be honest, all industries now. 

“Embracing AI and automation enables all companies to offer personalised experiences (whether B2C or B2B), optimise operations and make data-driven decisions, ensuring they remain competitive and relevant in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

“As consumer expectations rise, only those businesses that harness these advanced tools can truly meet demands and set new standards for innovation and engagement in the igaming space. Flows, being at the forefront of this movement, recognises that this adaptation isn’t just beneficial—it’s imperative.” 

“This flexibility ensures that igaming platforms remain agile, adapting to changing market demands at speed and user preferences efficiently. “

Flows has been paving the way for its partners to adopt AI technology with the launch of its latest development, Flo. Flo is an AI-driven tool that aims to simplify the process of creating automated workflows within the wider Flows platform by using spoken or written prompts. 

King continued: “Our latest AI development, Flo, takes this to a new level by marrying our sophisticated AI algorithms with the simplicity of our no-code automation platform. The result is a robust solution that allows our partners to create and modify software effortlessly, using either written or spoken commands. 

“Whether you’re dealing with challenges that are internal to your organisation or you’re looking to improve your customer-facing services, Flows offers a comprehensive, scalable solution to meet your needs.”

By translating language and voice commands into tangible digital solutions, King explained that Flo enables igaming companies to simplify the adoption of new technologies and remove the barriers of coding and extended development processes. 

This not only has an impact on innovation but can also accelerate the speed to market. The Flows CEO continued: “For our clients and partners, Flo seamlessly complements existing tech stacks. Rather than overhauling entire systems, teams can integrate new features or tweak and supercharge existing ones on the fly using simple voice-activated or written commands. 

“This flexibility ensures that igaming platforms remain agile, adapting to changing market demands at speed and user preferences efficiently. 

“By reducing developmental friction and enhancing adaptability, Flo inherently boosts operational efficiency and productivity, allowing igaming companies to consistently deliver top-tier experiences while optimising their internal processes.”

“it’s important that we re-frame how we see AI – not as a threat but as a tool that we can learn to work with to improve our skills”

New technologies: not to be feared

For the technophobes among us, integrating new innovations such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can seem like quite a daunting task. Will the technology work? Will it be easier to use? How, if at all, will this speed up the daily tasks? The questions are endless. 

But rather than focusing on the negatives, King suggested that igaming companies should be looking towards the new opportunities that technology such as AI can bring. 

He explained: “The rapid evolution of AI technology can be overwhelming, and the fear of job displacement is real for many. However, it’s important that we re-frame how we see AI – not as a threat but as a tool that we can learn to work with to improve our skills, productivity and processes rather than a replacement. 

“I’d emphasise that technology, especially AI, is a tool meant to augment human capabilities, not replace them. AI’s primary role in businesses, like igaming, is to handle repetitive tasks, analyse vast amounts of data, and improve efficiency, thus freeing up humans to focus on more strategic, creative and value-driven endeavours. 

“While it’s natural to have reservations about new technology, it’s crucial to understand that AI’s objective is to empower our teams, not to make them obsolete. The future lies in the synergy between human creativity and machine efficiency.

“AI systems like ours can streamline operations and make processes more efficient. The goal for most businesses is to reduce workload, not increase it after all and embracing AI can make a world of difference. While there’s an initial learning curve, it’s a worthwhile investment.” 

“When it comes to solving problems in the igaming industry, human creativity is essential for identifying the challenges that need solutions.” 

Using AI as an assistant

As King alluded to, the integration of AI can bring a number of benefits to the day-to-day operations of a business. However, he did warn that this should be complemented by human talent – something that he believes cannot simply be replaced by AI.

“Creating a harmonious blend between human talent and AI-powered automation is about finding the right balance,” he said. 

“Think of AI as a super assistant that takes care of repetitive tasks, freeing up people to focus on creative and complex challenges that only humans can tackle. This way, everyone works to their strengths: AI handles the routine work quickly and accurately, while humans bring creativity, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence to the table. 

“The key is to let each do what they’re best at, making the whole operation more efficient and enjoyable for everyone.”

Drawing inspiration from ChatGPT, AI-driven platforms can often be used to carry out burdensome tasks such as drafting emails and planning strategies. These can then be fine-tuned by a member of the team. 

Using Flo technology will follow a similar process, with increased usage improving the platform’s output. One thing was clear from King, however, and it’s that AI will undoubtedly ‘revolutionise’ the way the igaming industry works.

King continued: “Taking Chat GPT as an example, people use this platform for many purposes, such as drafting business emails or planning social media strategies. 

“What you’ll find is that the more you interact with the system, feeding it data and refining its outputs, the better its generated content becomes. 

“This is the same for all AI technology, including Flows. When it comes to solving problems in the igaming industry, human creativity is essential for identifying the challenges that need solutions. 

“Flows can automate and execute those solutions, but the initial problem identification and creative brainstorming must come from you. The key here is learning how to work with AI technology to ensure that you can create a collaboration that gives your business the best results.” 

The next phase

Talk soon turned towards the future of Flo technology, and the plans to continually improve the use of AI within the igaming space. 

Keeping his cards close to his chest, the Flows CEO noted that often it can be quite difficult to outline exact plans for AI given how quickly the technology – and the wider igaming industry – are changing on a daily basis. 

“A tough one to answer in a fast-paced environment but right now, our vision is to continually evolve its capabilities, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the AI-driven, no-code movement,” King said.

King brought the conversation to a close by highlighting that the future of Flo technology will largely be shaped by technological developments and requests from partners. 

He noted that the feedback from customers will enable Flows to finetune its offering and best meet the needs of the industry.

King concluded: “We aim to expand its linguistic capabilities to understand and interpret even more complex commands (it does so much already but continually learns), further simplifying the development process.  

“Additionally, we’re exploring partnerships and collaborations to make Flo available across various platforms, industries, and ecosystems, ensuring that more businesses can harness its transformative power. 

“As with all we do at Flows we listen to our customers and therefore continuous feedback loops with users will also help shape Flo’s evolution, ensuring it consistently addresses the dynamic needs of modern workplaces.”

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