SBC News Betinvest: The importance of live streaming for the dynamic iGaming environment

Betinvest: The importance of live streaming for the dynamic iGaming environment

With the rise of mobile gambling, live streaming and in-play betting are anticipated to remain a major trend in 2022, according to representatives from BetInvest.

Offering bettors the chance to wager on events as they unfold certainly drives engagement with sports fans. Players are no longer restricted to wagering on a game before it begins since the deadline for placing bets on specific games is extended. 

In-play markets enable players to wager on different events throughout a game, with odds changing as the game progresses. As for online streaming, it has revolutionised the way audiences consume media, and its growth in popularity shows no sign of slowing down. The most recent statistics show that 63% of people aged 18-34 watch live streaming content regularly. With millions of sports fans among them, it’s becoming clear that match-streaming is set to majorly disrupt the sports betting industry. 

Meanwhile, the benefits of streaming as a potent marketing tool have been well-documented, with operators using live games to drive online traffic and promote their offers to the right fan segments. 

Until recently, however, sports streaming has been viewed as the preserve of only the largest firms in the industry – a prohibitively expensive luxury that remains out of reach for most operators. 

In order that our clients could successfully capitalise on that level of live wagering, we prioritise technology that can provide synchronised, real-time streams with no delays. Now, as we continue to develop our exclusive Quick Sports and eGames products, we are adding even more video streaming content that is available to a huge network of our betting partners.

At BetInvest, we have always been focused on placing fan engagement at the centre of everything we do – whether that’s through creating new content, or releasing new innovations. We want to make sure that bettors feel new levels of excitement when betting on fast sports and esports. 

To do this, we believe that it’s important to work closely with professional leagues to make sure our products are true to the sports and events.

When we enter long term partnerships with the leagues our aim is to create products that provide a level of depth and excitement that hasn’t been seen before in the betting market. We work with the leagues to grow their reach and to provide them with the security of knowing their data is being used with the utmost integrity.

Between January 2021 and June 2021, the number of events hosted by our exclusive partners (Winners and WinCup quick sports leagues, CyberLive!Arena and Esport Pro Club esports leagues) reached 86 000, showing impressive 72% growth compared to 49 000 recorded in the first six months of 2020. The average number of events reaches 14,000 and may comprise 500 events daily. Round-the -clock coverage ensures that both operators and fans have “always-on”, high-class, action 365 days a year.

Video streaming is available for 100% of live events within Betinvest’s Quick Sports and eGames content solutions. In 2020 alone, we streamed over 120,000 events to more than 100 operators around the globe.  There were over 124 billion views of our content, of which 73% were via mobile devices. Our most-watched match had over 7K viewers in total.

We have no limit on the maximum number of concurrent matches that we can handle. The latency from a live match data point is captured, received by our platform and made available to our customers in less than one second; this low latency is essential to ensure the value of the data.

In order to ensure we provide data to all customers at this latency and with as limited disruption as possible, our infrastructure is horizontally scalable with each instance operating at a fraction of maximum capacity. All our streams are underpinned by our high performing, low latency internally developed content management platform. The platform’s user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art analytics suite provide customers full control of their back-room system.

Our dedicated, 24-hour staffed teams perform rigorous testing prior to live events and on-demand support during events and post-event analysis in order to help us provide a robust and high performing service to all our sportsbook customers. 

A team of 15 highly skilled broadcasting professionals checks if all connections are active, monitor all live data is being received at the latency required and the accuracy of the live data to ensure it meets the highest possible standard.

Our plans for the live-streaming sector include increasing the offering by creating more Quick Sports and eGames products with the focus on live offerings, constantly improving the parameters like uptime and the number of live markets.

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