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How Swish Analytics is boosting Sky Bet’s player engagement with top US sports

Swish Analytics, a leading US-based data and odds provider, has continued its partnership with UK gambling operator Sky Bet to drive expansion of the Request-A-Bet offering across the top four sports leagues in the US – the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL.  

Swish’s Pre-built Accumulators and Bet Request products have allowed Sky Bet to exponentially expand its Request-A-Bet offerings and revenues for US sports over several years working together. With Swish’s expansive real-time pricing capabilities, Sky Bet has been able to provide its customers with the widest menu of markets catering to specific interest in popular US players, statistic types and games.

SBC caught up with both Paul Lowery, US Sports Trading Lead for Sky Bet, and Bobby Skoff, Co-Founder of Swish Analytics, to discuss the popularity of Request-A-Bet for US sports and how the partnership has further boosted Sky’s audience engagement with the top leagues.

SBC: First of all Paul, what UK betting interest or trends do you see in US sports in general?

PL: We’ve experienced growth in popularity of betting on US sports, specifically NFL and NBA over the past few years. The NFL has benefited from the London games which tend to attract more casual fans. The earlier Sunday kickoff times avoid clashing with afternoon Premier League matches and broadcasting the popular games on Sky Sports has boosted interest overall.  

For the NBA, I think interest continues to grow organically around the world as well as here in the UK. Star players like Lebron, Luka and Stephen Curry drive popularity and some earlier weekend games give streamers the ability to watch live.  

SBC: And Bobby, how can Swish’s Pre-built Accumulators and Bet Request products drive better engagement among UK players for the top US sports?

BS: Bet Request is Swish’s parlay pricing engine that delivers accurate real-time odds for almost any combination of markets for US sports. Available via API feed or a software console for traders, Bet Request allows operators the ability to offer the widest and deepest range of potential accumulators.  

For example, for a typical NBA game the platform allows for the combination of 20+ statistical bet types for every player across every team/game; in tandem with your top-line markets like Money Line, Spreads and Totals.  Swish specialises in automated mathematics for correlated markets which enables better price offerings and higher margins. 

Pre-built Accumulators are a pre-derived subset of accas generated daily from our Bet Request system. These feeds deliver hundreds of acca combinations intelligently built to combine star players, popular market types, sought-after combinations; all at desirable price bands for customers. The product scope covers same-game multis, cross-match accas and other unique variants that have become popular with our customers. 

Okay, with that in mind what does a standard menu of Request-A-Bets on Sky Bet look like for a day of NBA games utilising Swish products?

PL: During a typical weekday during the current NBA season, Sky Bet offer 150+ pre-built accumulators across our site and field thousands of real-time requests for additional combinations that we are able to accurately and efficiently price utilising Swish’s toolset.

For example, today we offer a variety of accumulators highlighting star players like: “LeBron James, Devin Booker, Chris Paul & Dennis Schroder all to Score 20+ Points.”  

Swish specialises in player prop markets and accumulators and I think this plays well with our audience who may be more comfortable following star players specifically rather than individual teams or games. 

SBC: And finally, how has the partnership with Swish affected US sport product interest and performance for Sky Bet?

PL: Stakes on NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL have grown consistently year-on-year since our partnership with Swish started in 2016. Our customers have come to expect an expansive daily offering of markets and bet types. 

Equally as important, our trading teams are now equipped with tools to maximize the amount of RequestABet queries we are able to field and price. The quality of Swish’s pricing has allowed us to push the limits of our offering while still maintaining strong holds.

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