Pro-gaming Senator Angelo Coronel named a Rapporteur for Brazil Betting Bill

Brazil Senate to vote on influencer terms of Bets market

The Senate of Brazil is scheduled to debate and vote on whether to ban celebrities, athletes, and social media influencers from promoting gambling and betting services.

This afternoon, the Sports Commission of the Senate will review the modalities of Bill (PL) 3.405/2023 put forward by Federal Deputy Ricardo Ayres, a member of the Republicanos Party (RP).

The Bill calls for a tighter scrutiny of advertising laws as Brazil moves to launch its federal sports betting marketplace, commonly referred to as ‘Bets’.

Ayres demands that Bill No. 3.626/2023, which forms the legislative framework for the Brazil Bets market, be further modified to include the modality to “prohibit the dissemination and promotion of betting companies and casinos by influencers and digital artists”.

If passed, the new law will forbid sports teams, athletes, former athletes, media figures, celebrities, and influencers from promoting online gambling and sports betting, with penalties on media platforms for non-compliance.

Though Bill No. 3.626/2023 was authorised in January, the Senate’s approval has allowed deputies to submit further modalities related to secondary legislation such as advertising.

The Senate observed that the Bets framework does not specifically address the prohibition of advertising by public figures, so the modality can be debated and voted on.

Presented to the Senate, Ayres’ Bill is endorsed by Senator Eduardo Girão and rapporteur, Sérgio Petecão, who stated: “We understand that the parliamentary initiative to regulate the advertising of fixed-odds betting lotteries is legitimate and constitutional.

“The risks of gaming addiction are well-known, which could become a public health problem in a scenario of deregulation of the activity,” points out the rapporteur in his opinion in favor of the ban.

This afternoon’s vote is recognized as a key event in how the Bets market will take shape for advertisers and media. Seeking support, Ayres warned senators and deputies of the responsibilities that public figures and media platforms have to advertise betting responsibly to their audiences.

“Both influencers and platforms must take responsibility for the harm they are causing to many people. I support a broad debate on the issue, given its importance and urgency.”

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