Racing Post tipping content to boost Royal Ascot experience

Eugene Delaney – Racing Post B2B

The Racing Post states that it will boost all racegoers experience of Royal Ascot, providing Britain’s most prestigious racing festival with expert advice/information throughout its racecourse.

Starting today, the Royal Ascot festival (18-22 June) will feature Racing Post ‘tipping content’ across its screens, allowing racegoers to ‘bet with confidence’.

In addition, Racing Post data and predictions have been incorporated within Ascot racecards, providing attendees greater insight and information on all festival races.

The historic racecourse has trailed Racing Post’s trackside data, with Ascot Chief Operating Officer, Alastair Warwick detailing that the content ‘was warmly received by the public’.

“Incorporating the Racing Post Predictor and information into our racecards and on to our betting TV screens has been hugely successful. It’s great to be working with such a respected authority within the industry and it was clear from walking around the site that people take notice of the visual predictions.” Alastair Warwick states backing the Racing Post.

This week at Ascot, each racecourse screen will display three prompts per race and the Racing Post Predictor for every race.

Further engagements see Racing Post integrate ‘spotlight comments’ for every runner, betting forecasts and Racing Post Predictor are printed in the official racecards.

Racing Post B2B Director Eugene Delaney reflected on the opportunity Racing Post services can provide to racegoers: “The Racing Post bet prompts and Predictors have been developed to give customers snapshots of stats, helping them to make an informed decision when placing a bet. It’s great to be working with a prestigious venue such as Ascot and we are delighted our content is being used across the venue, especially for a prestigious event like Royal Ascot.”

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