Paddy Power – Kid Rock favourite to perform at President Trump’s inauguration


As incoming US President Donald Trump’s transition team announces its staff cabinet and heads of US agencies and departments, it appears that Trump advisors have been stumped by one key question; ‘which singer will perform at President Trump’s inauguration?’

As yet, the bipartisan Congressional Committee has yet to publish any details for President Trump’s inauguration on 20 January. However, Trump’s deep-rooted unpopularity amongst Hollywood’s elite has seen the world’s media question who will perform at the Presidential ceremony.

Previous inauguration ceremonies have seen Aretha Franklin and Beyoncé Knowles perform for outgoing President Obama. George Bush Jnr, the last Republican to hold office, had his ceremony serenaded by Ricky Martin.

This weekend Paddy Power opened its special market Trump’s Inauguration Musician’ offering Trump advisors an eclectic range of artists to choose from.

The Irish bookmaker has placed Michigan ‘redneck rapper’ Kid Rock as its 17/2 market favourite to play on 20 January. During the election campaign Kid Rock (Robert James Ritchie) endorsed Trump stating “Let the business guy run the country like a business.”

Kid Rock is followed by controversial rapper and singer Azealia Banks (price 16/1). No stranger to courting publicity, Banks has stated numerous times on her Twitter feed that Trump is the ‘man with balls’ to lead the USA.

President Trump is unlikely to get one his favourite singers Sir Elton John (500/1) to perform at his inauguration. Last week, the singer’s representatives denied outright that Sir Elton would be involved in any part of the ceremony.

Having taken the White House promising to ‘revive America’s rust belt’, Trump may choose legendary Kentucky country music singer-songwriter Loretta Lynn (price 18/1). Her country classics’ ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ and ‘Don’t Come Home Drinkin’ could prove popular with President Trump’s core base of supporters.

‘Kid Rock American Bad’Ass’ – Donald Trump US 2016 

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