SBC News BetConstruct launches affiliate service to ‘cover every aspect’ of igaming business

BetConstruct launches affiliate service to ‘cover every aspect’ of igaming business

BetConstruct has introduced an Affiliate Programme Management service for all its current and future partners to help them with affiliate marketing and management.

As affiliate marketing continues to gain popularity within the igaming industry, BetConstruct aims to meet these market demands. 

The company has explained how the service aims to provide such businesses with a complete list of tools and features to ‘manage and optimise affiliate marketing programs effectively’.

In a release, BetConstruct said: “One of the main highlights of the service is the coaching and consultation of the partner’s team members through multiple educational materials to maximise the effectiveness of the affiliate program. 

“Additionally, the service offers landing page customisation, link and media creation support, and global configuration setups to accurately convey every business’ brand message and identity.”

Furthermore, for those operations which are directly linked to affiliates and finances, the service includes a ‘commission plan setup’ which is based on the target market and is also aligned with current trends – suggesting the best price beneficial for companies and affiliates. 

Moreover, contribution cost setup is also provided to manage budgets and aims to ensure maximum ROI.

“With its multi-faceted design and partner-centric approach, BetConstruct offers an all-in-one Affiliate Management service to cover every aspect of affiliate marketing fully,” the company added.

The service is purposely tailored to every partner’s requirements and targets those who want to amplify their ROI and boost conversions.

Earlier this month, the Yerevan-headquartered company discussed how it is keeping up with the times for igaming, answering the question ‘how to choose an online casino provider in 2023?’.

BetConstruct began: “Casino game providers are responsible for the development, design and programming of all games played in casinos around the world, as well as ensuring that the games are fair and reliable. 

“Each online casino software provider has its variety of online casino games, which range from slots and roulette to video poker and blackjack,  features and occasionally currencies too. 

“Exceptional casino software providers and teams never rest, either. There is always a new release around the corner or a feature that needs to be improved. The primary reason behind the drive to produce more games and quality releases to take the gambling market by storm is that software companies are in direct competition.”

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