SBC News BETEGY: Creative Studio is disrupting the status quo in advertising

BETEGY: Creative Studio is disrupting the status quo in advertising

SBC News BETEGY: Creative Studio is disrupting the status quo in advertisingBETEGY’s Chief Marketing Officer Eugenie Golovina tells us about the launch of this new solution and the ways Creative Studio is alleviating the everyday pains that marketing departments face when it comes to brand exposure. 

SBC: Congrats on BETEGY’s latest launch! How did the idea for the Creative Studio evolve?

EG: Thank you! We are very excited about this new feature to our platform. Prior to the Creative Studio feature being added, the new client integration process would take up to six weeks to make sure that all of their assets and brand book are intact. The existing creatives were integrated manually and programmed into the platform before a client could start using it. 

We knew that, in order to scale, we needed a solution that would allow a seamless and quick integration. This is how the idea of a Creative Studio appeared.

SBC: How long has the idea for the Creative Studio taken to create? What’s been the key ideation behind the process?

EG: We first realised the need for the solution a couple of years ago and we have been nurturing the idea for some time. The active phase of production started in 2022. As we launch Creative Studio, any user can now collect the company’s assets and campaigns from Figma, Photoshop or elsewhere, add their brand book and integrate it all into BETEGY’s system through Creative Studio within minutes, with no coding required. 

SBC: With this innovation, what makes the BETEGY platform stand out compared to other similar platforms and how are you looking to make a difference?

EG: Most of the ad automation solutions out there were created with retail and FMCG advertising in mind. However, when it comes to advertising betting products, leading ad scaling platforms lack automated integration of dynamic data, like odds, sports stats, or CRM data, for deep personalisation, which is crucial in marketing gambling and betting products to constantly provide an incentive to bet. Currently, most betting companies’ marketing teams import these databases manually, which becomes a true bugbear.

This is where our Creative Studio comes in – once the clients’ assets are uploaded, the Studio automatically identifies the dynamic fields and instantly integrates variable sports and other statistical data. 

In other words, it can autonomously update the content of the campaigns across the entire digital space. Once the ad assets have been scaled, BETEGY automatically exports the finalised images to ad platforms such as DSP programmatic platforms, affiliate networks and direct media outlets.

To deliver to a global audience, Creative Studio offers multiple unique features, including language localisation and geo-compliance, ensuring all content is aligned with local jurisdictions’ laws and regulations, all while being deployed from one centralised source.

Also, our platform includes built-in analytics to track the success of campaigns and reach target KPIs. 

SBC: How transformative will this be for industry marketing teams and what key areas will this solve?

EG: I believe we are impacting two things. 

On a larger scale, we are changing the approach to an advertisement in the industry delivering a truly efficient return on investment for betting, casino and sports media. Whether it’s offering bonuses for free bets or spending budgets on signing up a celebrity for a promotion, at the end of the day, it all comes down to the cost of a lead. And this is where programmatic advertising offers a revolutionary approach by enabling targeted advertising to the right player based on their preferences and triggers, instead of the traditional method of using a hit-or-miss approach.

In terms of day-to-day operations, we are solving the issue of burnt impressions, which have been the pain of every marketer wasting thousands of dollars of media budgets. The thing is that most leading display ads automation products still operate on old servers, while the BETEGY platform runs on an AWS-powered ad server designed to handle high-traffic volumes. Constantly adopting the latest optimisation trends, the platform launches campaigns immediately, ensuring that any user using the platform will have a true first-mover advantage as well as the ability to scale.

With all that said, compared to a leading banner system in a closed experiment, the latest version of BETEGY’s platform managed to increase viewability by 16%, CTR by 20%, and resulted in an overall increase in view-through conversions.

SBC: Is there anything else in the pipeline for 2023 in terms of launches? What next can we look forward to from BETEGY?

EG: There always is – we are lucky to work with clients, who challenge us to find the solutions for the problems no one else in the industry seems to be solving. Therefore, we’re constantly working on new solutions and striving to keep up the pace in transforming the marketing canons of the industry while winning the trust and loyalty of our clients. As a nice bonus too – it’s certainly becoming a good tradition to bring home an innovation award every year!


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