SBC News Jesper Søgaard: Safer gambling involves everybody in the industry

Jesper Søgaard: Safer gambling involves everybody in the industry

SBC News Jesper Søgaard: Safer gambling involves everybody in the industrySports betting is exciting and entertaining for players that are able to control their betting. We want to keep it that way, writes Jesper Søgaard (right), CEO and Co-founder of Better Collective, as part of this month’s Better Collective Spotlight

Operating in the field of betting and gambling, we always need to have safer gambling in mind. Most players see sports betting as a part of the game and spend money that they can afford to lose, but unfortunately, for some people betting becomes a problem that they cannot control. 

They are at risk of developing a gambling disorder, which eventually can lead to negative consequences for themselves and the people around them. We need to continuously work to help these people away from betting and gambling.

Focus on player protection

In most regulated markets national authorities have set up frameworks for player protection, and they continuously monitor the development of the industry and have a particular focus on the development of people with gambling disorders. However, we, the industry, also need to constantly focus on creating safer gambling environments. 

Better Collective believe that making sports betting more transparent will help players in their betting decisions, and from time to time this is confirmed by players who acknowledge that they are more responsible bettors when using one of the BC brand sites. 

So, even though Better Collective is not an operator and therefore not in a position to intervene based on observed player behaviour, our role is important as many players continue to a betting site after visiting one of our sites. 

Better Collective has chosen Gamalyze

Better Collective is working actively to promote a safer gambling agenda externally as well as internally. Our Safer Gambling Code describes how we work with this important issue and we have further chosen to implement Gamalyze from Mindway AI (part of the Better Collective Group) across our brand sites as well on our internal sites. 

Gamalyze is a gambling self-test, which analyses the test person’s decision making, while they virtually play a small game of cards. After completing the test, the test person will receive an individualised risk profile and personalised advice on how to minimise their risk of experiencing harm due to gambling. 

Gamalyze is unique first of all because it provides detailed insights into aspects of the player’s decision making related to gambling but also because it is possible to take the test irrespective of whether the player has gambled before.

Additionally, Mindway AI specialises in supporting the gambling industry with various safer gambling tools and solutions for identifying, preventing and intervening in at-risk and problem gambling. 

This supports our ambition to make betting safer: while we can’t control what operators do, we support them by holding them to high standards during the customer acquisition process and by providing them with a chance to set the bar higher and take initiative in developing sustainable gaming through Mindway AI tools and software. That way, we are extending our influence in the value chain rather than focusing only on our own area.

Safer Gambling Week

During Safer Gambling Week 2022 Better Collective will promote the message of safer gambling internally as well as externally. While our employees will be presented with our safer gambling policy and articles about safer gambling, our external visitors on various brand sites and social media channels will be met with banners directing them to information about safer gambling, relevant contacts and the option to try Gamalyze. 

Safer gambling is relevant all year round. Hopefully the increasing awareness about safer gambling in the industry during Safer Gambling Week will lead to more tools being implemented to help and to detect players with a potential gambling disorder. 

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