SBC News Bet Advisor - Form Table - Week 25 - Game Changers!

Bet Advisor – Form Table – Week 25 – Game Changers!


Entering the last days of what has been a busy sporting April for Bet Advisor, this weeks form table has seen a consistent tipping yield of +55%, as both senior and junior Bet Advisor Tipster have performed admirably. The mixed scheduele of sporting activity witnessed in April has given Bet Advisor its best variance as this week’s form table feature tipsters for basketball, horse racing and football

Take a look at this week’s top Bet Advisor Performers


Senior Tipster of the Week – Anton Ebdon

Anton is a very well respected and consistent tipster that has been with Bet Advisor for a long time. His reputation is so strong that many of the tipsters in the Junior Section look up to him and ask for his advice (which of course he gives where he can!). This last week has seen him record some truly impressive results. He provided his client base with 36 tips, recording a staggering 56.9% yield and some big profits. April looks set to be a month similar to as recent as December 2014, where he surpassed the +2,000 units barrier IN A SINGLE MONTH. We think he can do it again in April, especially with more than a week to go, and he’s already on 1600+ units.

His real knack is his ability to find high priced bets that offer him and his clients genuine value for money. Whilst his tips that are priced 3.00 or lower have seen more mixed results, it’s his tips priced 3.00-10.00 that have seen massive profits (more than +2,700 from this area alone). Most of these tips are draws in the ‘match odds’ market, which is by far his most successful market with more than +3,900 units of profit.

Junior Tipster of the Week – Jason Dominick

Jason is destined for big things – his results, along with his logical and disciplined approach, are already showing all the necessary signs for him to become one of the best football tipsters at Bet Advisor. He refuses to provide tips for no good reason, and it is this discipline that helps see results like this week, which saw him provide 11 tips and amass almost +900 units at a yield of more than 85%. Sure, 85% is high and not realistically sustainable, but his lifetime at Bet Advisor has been truly impressive. His lifetime yield during his 4 month Bet Advisor career is above 26% from more than 120 tips, and his win rate is a shade below 60%.

His consistency throughout the leagues and markets he covers is what has been truly impressive so far. With profit in 11/13 nations he has covered to date, and profit in ALL betting markets he has provided tips on, it’s clear to see why so many people are talking about Jason. You can still get him for a Junior Tipster price too while he continues to ‘prove himself’.

Man to Watch – Darijo Belic

Darijo is a very strong tipster who has provided 11 straight months of profit, with April looking to be his 12th month of profit to round off a very successful first year with the Bet Advisor team. The last week has seen Darijo provide his clients with 15 tips, which returned +381 units of profit at a yield of 25.4%. His service has been one full of consistency for the 12 months he has been working with Bet Advisor, and this consistency is what has gotten him his stellar reputation.

Since he started in May 2014, Darijo has provided more than 370 tips and returned more than +3,300 units of profit. His yield of 12.77% has meant he has always been one to watch, as this yield has been consistent for the past 12 months. He covers multiple leagues and many bet types. HIs typical odds range (for more than 80% of his bets) is around the evens mark, so you know what to expect in that respect. His service is solid, his performance is excellent, and his analysis really gives clients a good insight into his approach

As good as always – Jeremy Price

Everyone knows Jeremy (we think). His results have always impressive and his reputation knows no bounds. He has been with Bet Advisor since January 2013, and has provided 26/27 profitable months. Just ONE losing month in more than 2 years. It’s no wonder his clients stick with him once they’ve joined, as they know that leaving his service will only hurt their own pockets in the long run. He provided just two picks last week (as selective as ever), but as has almost become expected, they both won – easily! His tips were Blooming -1.00 (Bolivia), who won 3-0; and Syrianska +0.25, who went on to win 2-0.

He knows team news from leagues all over the world, and shares this valuable information with his clients. His attention to detail has helped him and his clients prosper over the last few years, that’s for sure. He’s made more than +12,500 units of profit over a 2 year period, averaging a monthly profit of more than +450 units per month (every month). His yield is 12%, which from more than 1,000 tips is remarkable.

Bet Advisor Form Table – Week 25

Last 7 Days Last 6 months
Rank Tipster Category Sport Profit Yield Tips Win Rate Profitable Months
1 Anton Ebdon Senior Football 1315.00 56.93% 36 42,62% 4/6
2 Jason Dominick Junior Football 886.00 85.19% 11 59,50% 4/4
3 Gary Gleason Junior Horse Racing 625.00 69.44% 9 22,44% 3/4
4 Darijo Belic Senior Football 381.00 25.40% 15 54,11% 5/6
5 Lorenzo Marcheti Junior Football 352.00 14.08% 25 52,26% 3/4
6 Matt Walker Senior Horse Racing 306.40 47.88% 8 30,30% 5/6
7 Gabriel Elias Senior Football 279.20 90.06% 13 41,08% 5/6
8 Federico Parini Senior Basketball 262.10 42.27% 10 53,46% 5/6
9 Jeremy Price Senior Football 241.00 120.50% 2 51,17% 5/5
10 Cesar Coleman Senior Football 196.20 18.34% 16 54,37% 4/5


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