Bet Advisor – Form Table – Week 26 – April Round-Up


Bet Advisor closes the month of April, which will likely be its busiest month of sports featuring key European football matches, horse racing, tennis and basketball. April has seen its most competitive month in terms of tipping, as the form table has reached consistent tipping yields of 40%. Throughout the month the form table has seen a selection of senior tipsters being joined by new tipsters bring more diversity in sports and selections to Bet Advisor.

Team Bet Advisor would like to congratulate those tipster who have placed on the Form Table this April

Senior Tipster: Achille Piecheur

After an explosive March that saw Achille really make his mark at Bet Advisor (he made more than +3,000 units of profit in March alone), April looks set to be another very impressive month. It looked like this might not be the case, but the last week has seen profits of more than +2,000 units from his 17 tips. His yield this week is an eye-watering 70%! He correctly forecast several draws, including Benfica v Porto; Malaga v Deportivo and Rio Ave v Vitoria Guimaraes. These high priced winners really helped his profit for the week and month sky rocket.

Italian football has by far been his most successful hunting ground for tips so far, with more than 50% of his total profit coming from this nation alone. His average odds are 2.40, which is slightly higher than most, but his stats show that he is profitable in every odds range available, from short priced winners to outsiders (and draws). His life time yield sits at above 10%. He has built a sports model, and that is what you get, access to the data it produces – in the form of a profitable betting advice

Junior Tipster: Aldin Shields

Aldin had a great month this April thanks to some incredibly well priced winners. His total profit for April is currently at almost FIVE THOUSAND units, and from just 74 tips, that’s not something that is achieved on a regular basis. The last week saw a yield of more than 180%, thanks predominantly to forecasting the winner in the 14:55 at Perth last Wednesday. The winner was High Fair, priced at 40.00 with Betfair, which returned +3,705 units after the Betfair exchange commissions. This has set the month up perfectly and shows that finding value will always pay off in the long run.

Aldin’s lifetime yield is above 25% from his 263 tips so far, and his expertise could easily see him recruited as a Senior tipster in the future, he is certainly of that calibre. His win rate is only at 17%, but with average odds above 11.00, anything above a 10% win rate will likely result in profit, so 17% is more than solid. He uses his experience to provide disciplined and well researched analysis.

Featured Tipster: Bet Catalyst

The Bet Catalyst features once more as one of the top performers on the Bet Advisor website. His analysis and research methods are proving to be very popular with Bet Advisor clients, almost exclusively because of the successes and profits they have been bringing. This last week has seen Bet Catalyst win 3/10 tips, resulting in profit of +450 units. Advising ‘Divine’ each way at Windsor last Monday (priced at 9), and ‘Just A Par’ each way at Sandown (priced at 18) on Saturday were particular highlights. April looks almost certain to be another very profitable month from one of the most talked about horse racing tipsters around.

His unique approach, hard work and exceptional analysis is what is truly making him stand out, and is the reason he is so successful. He is already well over the +3,000 unit marker when it comes to profit, and his yield, currently at more than 29.5% is very encouraging. He has a 25% win rate with odds averaging around 13. His focus on the UK market shows that he understands where his skills lie, and he doesn’t try to bite off more than he can chew. He knows what he’s good at, and sticks with it.

New Senior High Performer: Ivan Kacic

Ivan Kakic has recently been promoted to Senior tipster at Bet Advisor, and with his results to date, it’s hardly surprising at all. He started providing winning tips to Bet Advisor clients in December 2014, and has made a good profit every month since then. February was a particular highlight, with a 19% yield from 76 tips, but this week has been great too – he has provided 6 tips in the last 7 days, returning more than +300 units of profit and recording a yield of 43%.

Overall, Ivan hasn’t really put a foot wrong. His average odds are a shade under the evens mark, and his 52% win rate has ensured steady and consistent growth throughout his career at Bet Advisor so far. He has provided well over 250 tips, and is nearing +3,000 units of profit. Italy, Portugal and France have been his most successful countries to date, with strong yields and good levels of profit for each. He focuses on a combination of statistics and manual interpretation to gain his edge, and based on his results so far, he is doing something right.

Bet Advisor Form Table – Week 26

      Last 7 Days Last 6 months
Rank Tipster Category Sport Profit Yield Tips Win Rate Profitable Months
1 Aldin Shields Junior Horse Racing 2465.00 183.9% 17 5,88 2/3
2 Achille Piecheur Senior Football 2266.00 70.81% 32 68,75 3/5
3 Travis Dixon Junior Horse Racing 852.91 39.12% 37 43,24 3/3
4 Robert Volkan Junior Football 651.00 43.40% 15 60,00 4/5
5 Alex Reynolds Junior Football 548.10 17.02% 43 34,88 4/6
6 Darijo Belic Senior Football 523.00 37.36% 14 64,29 5/6
7 Bet Catalyst Featured Horse Racing 450.00 70.31% 10 30,00 3/4
8 Vlad Chakarov Junior Football 328.40 12.53% 30 60,00 2/3
9 Ivan Kacic Senior Football 302.00 43.14% 6 66,67 5/5
10 Marcus De Bath Junior Horse Racing 295.00 50.86% 6 33,33 2/2

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