SBC News BETER integrates heart rate monitoring into Setka Cup

BETER integrates heart rate monitoring into Setka Cup

BETER has integrated on-court table tennis players’ heart rate data into its Setka Cup offering with the aim of strengthening customer engagement and boosting incremental revenue for clients. 

In-game monitors are used to track and analyse the heart rate levels of table tennis players competing in the tournament in order to track in-game performance and recovery rates and deliver ‘an entirely new element to the betting experience’.

Betting and gaming solutions developer BETER has introduced the technology with an added goal of assisting bettors with their wagering choices by analysing data relating to player’s psychological responses during matches.

“We’re all about delivering the most next generation betting experience out there, whether that be Esports or offline sports,” said Alex Lobov, BETER’s Chief Product Officer.

“Our Setka Cup caters to fans who love live action, and I believe that heart rate monitoring will help us strengthen the position of our table tennis product in our growing portfolio of fast content.”

Worn on players arms to detect and display heart rates on live streams, the devices have also been designed with the athletes in mind as well as bettor engagement, by monitoring the health of participants and initiating resting periods to prevent overexertion.

The new offering is set to be launched for of BETER Sport’s Setka Cup table tennis matches across Europe, including Ukraine and the Czech Republic, building on the use of the technology at Efootball ESportsBattle tournaments.

Earlier this year, BETER reported that the number of sports featured in the Setka Cup had doubled throughout 2021, reaching 42,281 in comparison to the 22,500 in the first six months of 2020.

Lobov continued: “Designed to be an excellent add-on to drive both revenue and engagement, we predict our partners are likely to see an average 2% increase in customer bets on Setka Cup table tennis events, as well as a 5% average increase in views of the Setka Cup live streams.”

The wider adoption of the heart-rate monitor functionality forms part of BETER’s strategy in pursuit of ‘a new era of betting’, which has seen the company overhaul its multiple live API feeds spanning sports, esports, gaming and live casino to enhance reliability for its clients.

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