ICE 2015 Blog – Avi Marco – Betfair – Big Data & the gambling value chain

Avi Marco Betfair

ICE Day 1 -Big Data & Customer Insight Session

Betfair’s Director of Enterprise and Data Services Avi Marco gives insight into how big data is impacting the corporate value chain and decision making of operators. Marco outlines that Big Data should not necessarily convolute an organisations value chain,instead Marco suggests that defining and breaking down data mechanics intelligently can lead to simplicity throughout any organisation


SBC Session Notes:-

  • Defining the Big in ‘Big Data’ is often misrepresented and driven by unnecessary and overvalued metrics that may have no impact on the organisation.
  • Big Data becomes inefficient when organisations create unnecessary reporting throughout their value chains, Marco claims that this leads to long data chains that when assessed have little impact. Organisations have to have to ability and management to be able to scale back and focus on essentials
  • Within an organisation the decision making process will be driven by individuals or teams that can action and enable data within the organisations components, be it in marketing, project management, data collections etc….
  • Marco concludes that Big Data has critically impacted long term corporate decision making. With Big Data being delivered faster than ever combined with changes in technology, thinking 6 or 12 months ahead is no longer viable option organisations need the ability to plan objectives flexibly
  • Marco states that all corporate decisions and strategy making should be driven by the overall value proposition.

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