SBC News Bojan Sovilj: Why CloudWalker is not just a ‘Big Data’ company

Bojan Sovilj: Why CloudWalker is not just a ‘Big Data’ company

CloudWalker is a data science specialist with 15 years of experience in scaling analytics systems for the gambling industry.

However, CEO Bojan Sovilj is keen to distance itself from the ‘Big Data’ tag, focusing instead on its work across all aspects of data technologies, many of which you can see for yourself at next week’s Betting on Sports conference. 

SBC: Why should gambling operators turn to CloudWalker to boost their business intelligence?

Bojan Sovilj: When placing a bet, you need to know who you’re betting on. Current results are important, but not crucial.

A lot depends on individual qualities, teamwork, and atmosphere. You always look at the current standings in the table, but you know that form is temporary and class is permanent. 

If you want to place a bet on the team behind the CloudWalker company, you should know that you’re betting on more than 20 years of experience with the same philosophy of the game. The result is the implementation of one of the biggest data warehouses on the Balkans.

SBC: What makes your services really stand out? And how important is creating the right working environment for your team to be successful?

BS: We know that good scouting based on the available data is extremely important for betting. This is exactly the position where we are doing really great. 

Why? Because our expertise enables us to scale the complexity of big data and turn it into a set of analytical services for sports betting operators in a reliable and efficient way. 

Our services provide the best value for bookmaking and risk, but they are also used by marketing, customer relations, operations, finance and legal. Advanced reporting and machine learning are included by default. 

What about our team? When we work, we deal with data. When we speak, we speak in facts. The difference is huge, that’s why we understand each other.

SBC: You have been keen to stress that you are not just a ‘Big Data’ company, but one fighting on all fronts in terms of data technologies; can you explain this to our readers?

BS: We have in-depth knowledge of traditional OLAP and OLTP databases, vertical databases, NoSQL databases (Key Value Stores), Document Databases, Full text search engines, as well as Distributed file systems. That’s a great advantage that enables us to see the wider picture, and we believe it won’t stop there. In our work, there’s always room for improvement.

CloudWalker is one of the companies whose job is to easily adapt to a new team and quickly coordinate with teammates. They are more than aware of what can be achieved when using their services. It’s clear you need a simple and quick access to requested metrics, as well as data insights. 

SBC: Which of these data services will you be presenting at Betting on Sports?

BS: In accordance with the above, we will present the following services at the conference:

  • Integration with relevant data sources stored in the enterprise data warehouse customized for reporting
  • Creating predefined, interactive near real time reports
  • Creating reports based on ad-hoc queries
  • Building predictive models (where possible)
  • Consulting services (defining true metrics and improving existing systems)

SBC: What would you say to show delegates assessing their own data resources?

BS: Data is the most important resource of every company, but only if used in the right way. The fact is CloudWalker is the regional leader in data storage and analytical processing. Season after season, we prove our reports are the best. Everyone knows our game, but nobody can beat us. 

Sounds familiar? We use cutting-edge technologies for data presentation. Reports are interactive and customizable by users as needed. Obtaining significant data insights is simple and quick. Wide areas are covered: quote models, users, bet type, channels… Currently, the report generation speed is the best in the market (users have the impression reports are generated instantly).

However, you don’t pick someone for your team just because somewhere it’s written they are giving 110% and doing their best on the sports court. Do some serious scouting, find us at the conference next week and see what we can do for you. The booth is J8.

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