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HiPay uses Intelligence to analyse customer payment data

Copyright (CC BY-SA 2.0) https://www.flickr.com/photos/rh2ox/

HiPay, a fintech company specialising in payments, has launched HiPay Intelligence – an innovative solution that will give merchants a 360° view of their client data. While merchants already have several existing tools that enable them to further understand their clients’ browsing behavior, HiPay believes that payment data is still under-exploited. It is an unparalleled source of information analysis of …

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Bet On Brazil leverages power of big data with Hello Soda

Hello Soda - Copyright: mikkolem / 123RF Stock Photo

Bet On Brazil, an online betting subsidiary of Argyll Entertainment, is gaining real-time insights into its customers’ behaviours and personal preferences via Hello Soda. Hello Soda’s unique big data and multilingual analytics solution, PROFILE, enables Bet On Brazil to leverage the power of big data by harnessing its customers’ online footprints. This analytics engine helps to verify identity, reduce the …

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Adi Dagan: Beehive – An intrinsic link! Redefining industry retention & intelligence values

Ahead of ICE 2017, Adi Dagan CEO & Co-Founder of Beehive software, speaks to SBC on the changing industry landscape with regards to customer retention and business intelligence.    Leading Beehive operations which in 2016 won numerous industry clients, Dagan tells SBC readers that placing data first industry stakeholders can no longer afford to be ‘stabbing in the dark’ when …

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Element Wave: Data-Driven Trends for iGaming sector in 2017

data - Copyright: solarseven / 123RF Stock Photo

Betting and gaming brands can look towards innovative uses of technology for huge rewards on mobile over the coming 12 months. Developments across automation, big data and real-time processing have left marketers with a level of flexibility and control like never before. Here, Element Wave looks ahead at how data-driven mobile trends will dominate the iGaming space in 2017. Automation Automation …

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Thomas Hogenhaven – Better Collective – A SmartBets 2016

Thomas Hogenhaven is the Chief Product Officer at Better Collective. In another of our end of the year series, we spoke to Hogenhaven about the launch of SmartBets, big data, esports and innovation in betting.   SBC: Having launched in June in time for the Euros, how has the latter part of the year been for SmartBets, and what has …

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Nick Keating: BounceX – Why People-Based Marketing will succeed where Personalisation struggled

Nick Keating, Director EMEA, BounceX, explains the essential differences between Personalisation and People-Based Marketing, and why industry stakeholders should be paying attention to this new discipline as all customers engage in a multi-device, multi-channel, multi-browser world. _________________ Personalisation historically has struggled to deliver. It has failed to mature to its fullest potential and achieve true one-to-one communications with consumers regardless of …

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Cole Sharp – BounceX – Target UK!

Following this September’s launch of its European headquarters in London, SBC caught up with Cole Sharp Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer of behavioural marketing specialist BounceX. BounceX one of the US’ fastest growing tech companies, wants to place data and behavioural insights at the heart of online betting marketing operations. Cole Sharp details his firm’s ambitious plans for SBC readers… ____________________ …

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BettingJobs – Data & analytics driving industry need for broader employee base

Online gaming companies are evolving into multi-disciplinary technology, marketing and product companies where the demands are for capable and qualified staff both from within and outside the sector, according to the new salary survey released by industry recruitment specialists BettingJobs. Today’s online gaming businesses are evolving in line with the technology that powers them and this is particularly evident when …

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ICE 2015 Blog – Avi Marco – Betfair – Big Data & the gambling value chain

ICE Day 1 -Big Data & Customer Insight Session Betfair’s Director of Enterprise and Data Services Avi Marco gives insight into how big data is impacting the corporate value chain and decision making of operators. Marco outlines that Big Data should not necessarily convolute an organisations value chain,instead Marco suggests that defining and breaking down data mechanics intelligently can lead …

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Correlsense Unlock Real-time Customer Insights

Enterprise Application Performance Management (APM) company Correlsense has announced that William Hill is deploying its SharePath software. William Hill will use the software to monitor its extensive portfolio of online gaming applications to ensure that customers experience consistent performance every minute of the day on any device. SharePath will provide a real-time source of information to help improve customer retention. …

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