Brendan O'Kane

ICE 2014 Blog – Brendan O’Kane Post Mobile Acquisition Engagement

Brendan O'Kane
Brendan O’Kane

Brendan O’Kane CEO of OtherLevels mobile analytic and data gives ICE 2014 insight into post user acquisition retention and optimization of users on mobile platforms. O’Kane focuses on retention of new user during their first 90 days of engagement with new mobile products.

O’Kane states that this is a key area, where igaming operators need to focus further resources in, as industry standards are witnessing a drop off of 80% of new users acquired to new mobile products through marketing channels.

SBC Session Notes

  • O’Kane gives detailed insight into the types of data that an igaming company can acquire from its mobile app. O’Kane states that the majority of companies do not leverage this data and put it towards gaining any user knowledge or operational competencies that will aid their brands and products.  Key data such as time zones, app usage, user mapping are not being leveraged to create optimal messaging.
  • The speaker states that operators have to create a ‘mobile fingerprint’ for their customer. Many mobile teams simply segment data users into spend and wager categories, more attention needs to be focused on qualitative and custom-led  analytic s. This will help the operator retention long term.
  • At early stage of retention, the operator should focus on achieve small percentage wins on their new player retention and engagement.  O’Kane notes that operators need to look for wins in retention of  2-3%. As their player pool increases, these small wins will become much more valuable.
  • Implementation of best practice procedures is now key in a highly saturated market. O’Kane states that he has witnessed marketing become consolidating due to the boom in mobile ad-networks offering mass and very cheap coverage.   This now means that the user has become inundated with uniformed messages and offers. The speaker states that operators need to constantly refine, benchmark and revalue their mobile product and messaging. This is best practices, but needs detailed and dedicated resources.

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