How TVBET is capturing attention with its content creation

Generating high-end, modern content is a key component to elevating the customer experience when it comes to live games, explained TVBET, whose representatives wrote the following article for SBC News about its aim for continuous improvement and the creative process behind some of their game mechanics.

Currently, live games are growing in popularity among players, with a small number of providers capturing a large portion of the market.

It is simple to play games with alternative betting mechanics such as Keno, Wheel of Fortune, lotteries 1bet, 5bet, 7bet, poker and others. These games are widely known; therefore, their understandable mechanics and simple rules stimulate the action.

But there is much more to TV games than the understandable mechanics. At TVBET, all 11 games of the company are broadcast from a single studio – which is connected to our client’s games via an API integration.

TVBET uses modern American gaming equipment and video technology for first-rate content. Cameras with 4K shooting and streaming possibilities, modern tricasters, crystal-clear sound – all this makes it possible to provide viewers with the high-quality stream.

This content is delivered around the clock, meeting the needs of every player. The frame displays the most popular bets on the stream and there is a vast line for the most demanding players, with the option to bet on future events.

Live-dealer games take alternative betting to the new level because they are not dependent on externalities and offer an impressive variety of betting options for any taste.

Prioritising the player-experience, we also ensure that there are no third-party noises or irrelevant actions in the background which may otherwise distract players. We take our work seriously.

Our content makes the process more enjoyable for the client and the player. It’s for this reason that over 130 partners globally have integrated our games, including a surge on the European side in recent months.

One such example is Chris Nikolopoulos, CCO at BETBY, who noted that TVBET provides a tailored approach to content creation: “Taking into account the specificity of the TV games niche, the fact of TVBET products stable functioning day after day is quite remarkable.

“Since day one of our launch, we felt we were working with professionals and experts in streaming solutions for igaming.”

The iGaming industry is growing at an exponential rate, and for that reason, customer experience is fundamental. Trained to meet international quality standards, our diverse set of presenters undergo several weeks of training to make sure they have proficient knowledge of all the games we offer.

TVBET games are now being broadcast in almost all corners of the world, which we consider to be a huge success. Our clients also know that we only use certified equipment to provide bettors with 100% honest results – delivered in real time through game rounds lasting just a few minutes so players never get bored.

The TVBET universe is striving towards continuous improvement, extending our reach across the world. It is why, we believe, our live-dealer games are here to stay.

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